New rechargeables question

Aloha guys! I just bought some new Energizer 2300mah and Duracell 2000mah (not duraloops) rechargeables and have more newbie questions about them:

1. When buying new rechargeable PRE-CHARGED batteries, do you do a C9000 break-in before using them?

2. Or do you use them in flashlights first until depleted and then do a break-in?

3. Or do you just discharge them in the C9000 first before doing a break-in?

Thanks guys!

With the Energisers I'd do a break in.

With LSD cells I've never bothered, just got on with using them. I'd just top off the low self-discharge ones and use them.

Thanks Don! Now get some sleep! Laughing

Been up about 18 hours now so probably time to do some sleeping.

Wow! That's way too long to be awake. Maybe 20+ years ago but not anymore. I'm surprised you can still function with hardly any sleep.

For me i like to do a discharge first then on with the break-in.......and a R/A so i know where the cells are at.