New release from Nitecore - E4k - 1 x 21700 - 4400 Lumens

A new hand warmer from Nitecore. It seems to be a straightforward setup. I like it. It’s currently at HK Equipment for 89 smackers -

Max Output 4400 Lumens
Max Beam Distance 211 m
Max Beam Intensity 11100 cd
Max Runtime 700 h 0 m / 29.16 d
Reflector SMO
Battery 2 × CR123 ,2 x RCR123,1 x 21700
Special Modes Location Beacon,SOS,Strobe
Beam color White light
Length 117.56 mm / 4.62 in
Head Size 28.6 mm / 1.13 in
Weight 80 g / 2.82 oz

link -
manual -

Waaauu… Amazing…

The light looks awesome, but why wouldn’t they just use a normal battery and have type C charging built into the light, and not the battery?

I kinda refuse to belive it can run 4000+ lumens with no stepdown ?

Check the fine print on Nitecore’s runtime chart.

It specifically says “the runtime on turbo was tested with no temperature regulation.”

Basically for the test, they disabled temperature regulation in firmware, or maybe tested with the light sitting in a bucket of ice water. The real light will ramp down and not sustain 4400 lumens under standard conditions.

Also, I suspect 4400 lumens is unregulated. I doubt even in ice water it will sustain that output for 30 minutes.

Nice looking light, but xp-l2 is deal breaker, if only they use sst 20 or sst 40, or good old xpl led

If this thing can really sustain 1,050 lumens for 3hrs 15minutes, it is by far the most efficient light in existence. Too bad the USB-C is built into the battery and not the light.

I like it. Kinda similar to the d4. But I’m surprised that it has so little throw when it has a reflector. The d4 has tir and I think it has better throw numbers. Does anybody have the lux for the d4?

XP-L2 with SMO reflectors. :frowning:

Bring on the tint shift mayhem…

You can’t expect throw from any tiny optic, especially with a domed large die LED such as Cree L size.

I have been negligent in keeping up with small lights. Imalent and Acebeam have currently fulfilled my big and medium size light happiness, which in turn equates to almost all of my total physical earthly life happiness. I just emailed my supplier a few hours ago to ask about this light. I have also decided to finally, after much delay due only to negligence on my part, to add two budget tiny screamers to my collection.

Size to power ratio is my main thing. Throw is secondary for me. UI, tint and runtime are things that I never complain about, because they are only of quaternary, quinternary and hexternary importance to me.

Is it me or is that one ginormous switch.

this is why i like olight, they are honest about stepdowns and dont hide behind stuff like tested with no temp regulation, what does that even mean to someone who doesnt understand stuff like that?

Hm the throw numbers look small indeed, olights seeker 2 pro has 250m throw with 3200lumens with TIR optics and also uses 3x XPL leds, shouldnt nitecore peak to more 300m throw in reality with 1000lumens more and also has a SMO ?

Of course I know that. I wasn’t expecting throw,but I sorta was hoping and expecting more throw than the d4 with tir optics. Maybe tir optics do work better for throw in a multi emitter and small light?

TIRs can work better, because they also focus what is normally the spill of a reflector light.

I ordered mine, when I get it I will post back with my subjective observations.

My favorite supplier told me that he can offer me several options for emitters, but the factory XPL will suffice for most lumens.

It’s XP-L2 though, isn’t it?

Looks to have a very small head. Interesting to do the quad thing with reflectors this small, though. Also interesting how similar the body design looks to ZL in certain ways.

Anyone test to see if the NL2150HPR battery in this thing can be charged with a PD USB-C charger?


Anyone think the nl2150hpr battery could fit in a FW21? Just sayin.

I just got mine today. I reviewed this topic thread; posted in it are all of the usual concerns: Tint, runtime, user interface, switch, throw, heat, etc.

Tint: Yes, it has that. Nothing notable out of the usual about that.

Runtime and heat generation: I can select a middle mode for normal runtime and normal heat generation. Yay!

Switch: Yes. This one is located on the side. It is not too small. Check. Next:

User Interface: Yes. It is not Universal. It is not the same as all of my other lights. None of my other 25 lights have a Universal user interface. Lots of my other lights have user interfaces that are very, very different from most of the other ones. I took an IQ test just a few weeks ago, the Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test, my Total intelligence index is 134, average is 100, and I am in 99th percentile, Extremely high intellectual abilities. So, even if I rapidly switch from one flashlight to another that has a vastly different user interface and vastly different switch location, I can easily and quickly figure out how to turn it on, I can easily figure out how to turn it off and I can easily figure out how to access max mode. And I scored Above Average in short term memory, long term memory, and judgement skills. All this after being vegan for four years and eating only grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole, fresh veggies and fruits.

I have a crazy idea: Have one sticky topic thread for all of the usual concerns that intrinsically occur for most all high performance flashlights, that way, each and every new topic thread for each and every new high performance light does not have to get clogged with all of the usual, universally known, continuously repeated list of the same concerns over and over again.

Well, anyway, it appears at first glance that this light has: a) Last mode memory, and b) Maximum mode is included in last mode memory. I like part b) a lot.

Also, for me, this light is a lighter weight complement to the red hot screaming TM9K and the red hot screaming Nightwatch NSX3. So I will cast my vote for this light as The Worlds Most Powerful Mouth Hold Light. :)

The included Nitecore 21700 USB-C rechargeable cell is significantly longer than the unprotected Samsung INR 21700-30T. The 30T cell works great with a professionally soldered and jumpered spring affixed at the positive terminal of the cell, and such fits ok/fine in the SC 1and 2 chargers.

The Nitecore cell is a fully tight fit in the Xtar SC1 and SC2 chargers. Not more than two thousands of an inch to spare.

Vinh measured my slightly boosted sample at 30 seconds: 4,0000 lumens and 261 meters throw. After four years of heavy use, this light replaces my trusty S2 Baton.