new Review online: Acebeams X10 and H60 (soon to be released)

Hello my dear friends!

Thanks to Sven i had the chance to play with two soon to be released flashlights made by ACEBEAM:
the X10 (a tactical spot/flood powerhouse!) and
the H60 (a interesting Headlamp with 2 totally different emitters!)

Please visit Svens "Home Of Flashlights" for more Info:

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Any word on when the X10 will be released?

acebeam started advertising this week - but i have not read a date yet

Awesome, sounds like positive news. Hopefully a few weeks and we can get our hands on one. Thanks

Any news on the H60?Has it been canceled maybe?

i an not really close with acebeam and their internal communication

(but i am working on that ;) )