New Romisen RC-G2 with xpg-r5 at shiningbeam!

I just ordered one, anyone else have any thoughts on it?**NEW**-Romisen-RC-dsh-G2-II/Detail

Thanks mizjif for the tip!

I don't know why, but I just can't get into the styling of the RC-G2.

I am giving my q5 model to my parents for their trip to Africa so I figured this was a good replacement:) can’t wait to compare!

If you don't have one, it's worth getting one just because it's probably the quitessential quality romisen. You'll get over the looks once you find how usable it is.

It just arrived today. about 10 days shipping time, (I am happy with that seeing as I am used to DX shipping times). Very quality light from shiningbeam as usual.

Comparing it to my RC-G2 with the Q5 emitter (in my dark basement), the difference is barely noticeable. I will wait until tonight to judge any further. Either way, a very nice AA light.

Please do update us on the beam differences. My expectiation was that the XPG-R5 would be brighter AND have a wider beam than both the previous versions.

Hmm, I already had trouble telling the difference between the one from DX and the G2 II with Q5 from SB.

After going outside in the pitch black and pointing the two lights at trees about 50 meters away, i have to say, they are identical, which is disappointing. The beam on the R5 is a bit nicer, the hotspot is more distinguished but other than that, I can not tell a difference.

I have two RC-G2's now, one blue, one black. Thats ok, they look nice in the collection and are of very nice quality :) Just seems like a waste of an xpg-r5 if its not being worked a little harder.

I like the beam much better than the Q5 , the spill is brighter .

One of the cool things about the old model is the ability to remove the head/reflector and have a pure flood light . The R5 model does not do this , as the pill screws into the reflector rather than the body tube .

On a white wall the tint is slightly greenish .

A good little light for the $$