New S2+ not working

I just received my first S2+ and am having problems with something in the ground and wanted to see if you guys could give me some advice. If I manually ground the tube with a piece of metal it turns on as it should. If I put the cap on and try to use the switch it doesn’t work at all. I have tried loosening and tightening the ring that holds the button in without any success. Comparing it to my BLF a6 there seems to be a lot of anodizing where it looks like it comes together. Just wanted to get some ideas of things to try. Thanks

Do you have a multimeter?
If yes, then try to measure the resistance between the spring and the copper ring of the switche’s pcb.

You might have a bad switch. Pictures also help

1/ Is the body pointing towards the right direction? One end of the body has bare alu threads, that part should point towards the head.

2/ If the pcb of the switch is a fraction too big, it will not sink properly into the tailcap, and make no contact.
Remove a bit of the outside of this pcb, by using a grinder or a file. There is a better chance the pcb makes good contact with the tailcap if you can rotate the pcb freely in the recess of the retaining ring.

Sometimes it will help tightening the retaining ring. If not, probably a faulty switch.
Did you buy it from AE (Simon)? Then he will gladly help you. Otherwise you can buy a new switch from GB or BG.

What ‘Henk’ pointed out, you should read Convoy with head left and switch right

If you need a new tail switch let me know. I have tons of them over here, I can throw you one in the mail. Even got some lighted ones if you want. Narrow down your problem and let me know if you need one.