New Seeknite H1

Hi guys. Today I found that interesting new headlamp over BG. It’s have unique magnet charger via flashlight button, also it also use 21700 battery. Also weight is not to much about 98g by specification. Only one downside is missing any cooling fins of flashlight body

I grabbed the Seeknite x6s its at my post office now!

Nice find. Currently $21.62 on BG.

There must be a mistake in the description I’m reading.
2 groups
Group 1, 100% 50,10, strobe.
Group 2, strobe,10%,50,100.
Nothing approaching moonlight and you have to click through strobe? That’s impossible. It has to be a mistake.

It must come from the same OEM factory. It’s the exact same switch

I think to order one. If it is that similar to another H1 which I have and which wait for upgrade. I think to mod it with SST40. If that new H1 is easy to dissamble that will be good as host. Also 1200 lumens why not is not to be problem if headlamp body can substain that for longer times. On Acebeam with that powerful XHP70 LED turbo time will be short anyway. OMG I saw that flashlight 21700 counterpart of H1. Very interesting if thats new models are made by Convoy.

I wouldn’t buy it even for 10$

Why? What is your opinion for that?

When you look at crap you see a crap it can be for free but its still a crap. Crappy UI and 7135*8 driver like in 10 $ flashlight , bezel looks pressed so its hard to change led and optics. Button made for accidental turn on. To heavy for headlamp. No cooling ribs. And im pretty sure its some more flaw


People are mighty pissed off that many Seeknite lights are clones of Convoy lights… probably even coming off the same assembly line. The Seeknite SP01 is an exact copy of a Convoy L6. Upon noticing this, they have extrapolated their sense of fairness, and made Seeknite persona non grata.

I have an SP01 and it is truly a clone of an L6. I have watched the Chinese appropriate IP for the last 30 years. I am not so offended by one Chinese company appropriating IP from another Chinese company. It would seem to be in their business DNA. I like the SP01 and would be glad to post a short review, but it would upset a lot of people.