New say Hi to BLFers

Hello everyone,

Im Ric from cnqualitygoods. This is my first time to post a topic in BLF. Glad to see so many people gathering here to discuss flashlights.

Having looked through some threads in this forum i found this is a right place we can promote our products here.Every people here is very polite,enthusiastic and professional.Smile

The webstore we run is , which mainly sells flashlights. We source New flashlights directly from flashlight factories in China and also will make some custom-made torches.

Especially we are the agent of N-light brand and Yezl brand flashlight. You can find many intereting lights and new-released lights in our store.

EDIT:July 6TH,

Since Shop prices have been reduced greatly, we have to cancel the retail discount from July 6th.

We'll do some sales promotions for some items in right time to Enjoy your guys. Please attention!

For more info,please visit our sub-forum

Any question please feel free to ask!

Thanks and Best Regards!


Wow! Nice introduction and thanks for the discount offer.

Custom made torches... hmm sounds nice too.

Anyway, a warm welcome at BLF. :)

Welcome to BLF Ric, Thanks for the discount offer, im sure i will use it one day. interested in the Flood to throw XM-L. keep us posted.

Hi Ric, thanks for the introduction, we're glad to see sellers communicating with their customers here on BLF.

Thanks a milion for your warm welcome, guys.

My pleasure to commucate with you here and hope we can take you more fancy lights.

Have fun!


Welcome Ric, I'm still really enjoying the B3 AAA Neutral light I got from you a while back. Due to the holidays the shipping took longer than expected, but your frequent/good communication.

It really like seeing vendors actively involved in forums and going the extra mile for special runs like the neutral versions, expecially when they are affordable.

No free shipping, right ?

I really like ( & want ) this clip :

Seems a bit costly though, $2.99 + shipping .

I ordered a Yezl M6 in late February, along with a charger and batteries. Shipping was reasonable (as I recall around $6 on a $65 order), unlike shenzen ($12 shipping on a $20 order!). I'm working with Ric right now on getting the flashlight replaced, as it was received damaged. Otherwise it's a very nice light.


Hello Ric, one happy client here

Welcome Ric. I've been to your site many times though I haven't bought anything yet. Good to see sellers communicating here.

Hopefully, we'll be able to ask questions about your products and get replies here. Because, if one person is asking, probably many are wondering too. In particular, there have been a lot of questions and wondering why the Yezl XM-L versions are driven so low at "High" mode (we keep seeing 2 amps from those who have them). I've posted this question in your forum here:

You have some interesting designs over there. Let's hope CNqualitygoods continues the discussion with us. CNqualitygoods may remind me a little of 4sevens, in that you sell others' flashlights as well as your own unique design, and communicate directly with forum members.

Welcome to BLF, we're happy to have you :)

Welcome Ric.

I received a Yezl Z1X from you folks awhile back. After resoldering the driver and applying a light stipple on the reflector it's a pretty decent torch.

This bad boy looks interesting.

You know what else I like about these guys (no experience with them - yet) is they are listing how many amps the light pulls in the different modes. A T6 with a larger reflector like that pulling 2500 MA - bet it's bright.


Hi Ric

Glad to see you here and thanks for the discount!

I asked on mail.but has not got answer

This torch is authentic (genuine)?

Aloha and welcome to BLF Ric!

Any discounts on folding knives?

Welcome from me as well, Ric. It's always good to see a retailer willing to go the extra mile.

+1. :)

Hi cpf,

Yes, it's abit costly if shipped by registered airmail shipping. But as this item is very light, you can combin-shipping with a flashlight order.This will save much shipping cost.



Hi fishinfool,

Thanks for your warm welcome.

The knives are rather cheap and profit is very low, so we dont set a discount for knives in our store.



Just received 3 pieces. This is the best clip I've seen, to bad it is so expensive. Looks very similar to McGizmo clip from Lighthound:

I've already made one lanyard, 2 to go :)