New Shadow lights making an appearance

Just one so far:

But it's a bike light. D'oh!

I want this one at the same price it is on Taobao $33 , no $47 retarded price

Yeah.. I'd be all over that for $33. I saw that, too. The sad thing is Ric doesn't have to price match since we can't order directly from Taobao and agent fees would bring the price to $47 if we went the other route.

What battery type does this use?

That one uses one 26650. The led is XM-L.

OK Thanks!

Probably won't go for 26650 lights anytime soon. Prefer 18650, don't want to take up another battery format. I stick to lights in 18650 and AA formats.

$33 only gets you those new Ultrafire XM-Ls at DX. heh....

Well if you buy more, you probably can ask for a discount.

This one is beautiful :) I'd buy it ...even for a little bit inflated price (assuming, it has PWM on invisible level).

If the regulator used is anything like the one found in Shadow TC6, then PWM is visible on lower levels. Build quality should be excellent btw!