new sk528 ?

Any know this light on DX ?

Someone posted a thread on it a few days ago iirc.

I have one, So I know it. What would you like to know? You were a bit vague in your initial post.

Djozz had a topic about it recently.
It’s probably the same idea as the SK68 but in a new(er) design.
It depends on the lens they use if it’s just like the SK68.
But it looks like the ‘standard’ 24mm PMMA aspheric everyone uses.

I thought the lens looks the same too. Not my favorite light to say the least. Takes some work to make it purr. I am gonna make mine HICRI and give it to my daughter. She likes the goofy zoom. I have no need for that. Its flood mode leaves alot to be desired.

compared to sk68 diameter thread on tailcap is the same and is more accurate(no lack)?
The pill have same size?
also general quality look better than 68?