New Skyray 3*T6 at Manafont, model 818

Good Idee, whitin a few months, when it gets realy dark and cold, I will try this mod for shure

O yes, Jim told me that this new 818 has a so called screw-in led/reflector module

Hope it generates the 3A current, would be very nice because this is a wel looking light.

One minus, Manafont wil not refund me for sending back the DOA SkyRay T6, 12 euro is lost

Sounds like crap to me. That'd give me a sour taste doing business with a company that pulls a stunt like that.

AKA drop-in?

Sorry, forgot the most important to mention LOL

It should be a Screw-In module

Do you think is worth the extra dollars from 3800 lm?

Nevermind, already bought it! XD

I ordered mine on the 12th so I'm hoping it comes in today...

Now they're selling an identical looking "4300 lumen" model for $10 extra... I wonder what's next, I'm guessing we'll see a 4500 lumen rated version within a month. Who's going to be the guinea pig on that one? :D

I'm eagerly waiting for a review on this one...

ljw2k got 2.1A at the tailcap, 2 cells.


Strange. I would expect at least same readings as Skyray 3800

Well if its true, that would be real disappointing :( Mine should arrive in next 2 weeks

I need to take my daughter to school in about 3 minutes so I don't have the exact numbers - I posted them on CPF. Off two fully charged grey protected Trustfires I measured ~3.2A on high, and .23A on low. I was disappointed that it wasn't lo-mid-high as advertised, but overall was very impressed with the build quality. Mine came unblemished save for a few bits of wear on the tailcap on the sharp edges. The light was clean except for a few flakes of plastic on the head side that I just blew out. The threads were dry but beefy and long. The battery tube seems substantial in thickness (though I've never owned one of these TL1200 or whatever they're called lights, they could all be like that). It's definitely a screw in and you feel it getting hot after limited use which tells me one thing - it's properly heatsinked.

...and best of all... It's by FAR... without any doubt right now the brightest light in my collection... and I only paid $57 and some change for it! I spent more than that for a tailcap the other day!!!!

Maybe I got lucky... but so far I'm giving this thing 5 stars....


Suspect ljw2k has a DMM which is not capable of supporting > 2A, leads or something. Anyway xed888 has 2.8A readings. Too bad he does not have a lux meter or we'll know how much it puts out. Eg Sky Ray SR3800 reflected luminous lux is 160 lux and TK70 is about 220.

Someone needs to put in some known cells like Solarforce 2400, XTAR 2600, NCR18650/NCR18650A or variants and measure the current.

Well that does sound better... But I'm afraid otherwise... You say its not High-Mid-Low? Is it High-Low-Strobe? Or what else?

Because 3A high and 0.3A low is really crap if you really want to use this light outdoor...

Cool.. it gets Shao's approval :)

I probably have to get serious about adding this one to the family

Yeah... manafont says Hi-Med-Strobe o__O

Wasnt it Hi-Med-Low before???

Oh, that is a problem! What an awful mode arrangement. Medium would still be ferociously bright for close-up work.

Jim @ Manafont, is there any way you can negotiate a 3 or 4 mode version of this with a low mode and no strobe?

It was until sometime late yesterday apparently...I checked it around 2:00 PM CST and it was still showing Hi->Med->Low

I disagree... even though it pulls so few amps on low, the beam is quite useable. In fact, for most practical purposes it would be all you'd need. High mode is just to impress people or for those rare instances when you need to light up your whole block. I could do without the strobe, but it's really not that much of a bother. I could always throw a party and tail stand it for use as a party light... :D