New Sofirn SP33 V3 !!

Nope, same here. I would've took the boost driver with the new UI changes, but.. ordered one regardless.

I also don't like the 150LM Low in the stepped mode, but that is passable, as I'll only be using ramping anyways. Still bugs me why they've chosen again such bright Low level.. :|


The TK70 levels are 1, 600, 1500, 2800, 6500. No Ramping. The low of 600 is way too high also.

1, 600.. Low.. Oh well.. :|

Greetings Gentlemen,I'm new to the forum.I ordered an SP33v3 from the AliExpress Sofirn Store on 11/13/2019 and it arrived 2 days ago.

I ordered it with the Sofirn 26650 5500mAh battery being that it was a very low cost addition and I own zero 26650 batteries at the time of ordering.The total cost was $32.79.

The box was a bit crushed but the contents were OK when delivered.In the Sofirn box was the SP33v3,1 x 26650 battery,1 x 21700 battery sleeve,1 x lanyard,user guide in 3 languages(English,German,Russian)and a business size thank you card.

Also in the box was a USB A to USB C power cable and 2 O rings that were in the zip lock bag with the lanyard.

The battery was at 3.75 volts and charged to 4.2 volts in an Xtar VC4 @ 1 amp.The volts was confirmed with 2 voltmeters.

A capacity test was performed with cutoff set at 2.7 volts resulting in a 5569mAh reading.After a second charge to 4.2 volts the capacity tested at 5603mAh.

I don't have no way to test lumens but the light in turbo is much brighter than an SF11;the high may also be much brighter.I feel the the light emitted is a bit on the warm side with a dash of yellow/green.

The Sofirn 26650 battery is not a tight fit,there's a bit of wiggle room.An 18650 is loose in the supplied battery holder so it will probably be much better with a fatter and recommended 21700

I have a lot to learn about this flashlight before I place it in my SUV.The size is good for the center console.

No way to add photos from my desktop?

No, you’re not the only one who considers a PWM FET DD driver to be a crappy solution compared to a CC boost driver.

Thanks for stopping by, whatsthepoint!

No you cannot add photos directly from your desktop.

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I'm really liking this flashlight.It's very comfortable in the hand but gets quite hot when turbo mode for a few minutes.

This is a good thing that shows the heat disbursement is good?

Being diverse with ability to use 26650,21700 and 18650 batteries is a definite plus.

Flat tops seem to be best suited for the SP33v3 with it's springs on the anode and cathode but button top protected Panasonic18650GA have worked as were as unprotected button top Sanyo 18650GA.

The included sleeve is best with 21700 batteries but even though 18650 are looser they stay connected on the springs.

Turbo Mode with an unprotected flat top Panasonic 18650G was extremely bright and got toasty quickly.

Charging the SP33v3 using USB C to USB C is possible but a charger that will allow it my be hard to locate.

I have 6 USB C chargers and 14 USB A chargers.

All of my USB A chargers with all my USB A to USB C cables worked at charging the Sofirn SP33v3 including the USB A to USB C cable that was included in the SP33v3 box.

Only 2 of my USB C chargers worked and they both were the same model/brand of charger.

They are LG branded and were shipped in the box with Google Nexus 5X phones.They are my oldest USB C chargers.Attaching a U2 USB tester showed it charging at 5 volts and 0.9 amps.The LG charger lists an output of 5 volts and 3.0 amps

Inside the SP33v3 was a Sofirn branded 26650 5500mAh battery that was showing yellow button color before the UCB cable was inserted in the USB C port on the SP33v3.

The side power button on the SP33v3 flashes red when it is charging via USB C

You seem to have something fairly uncommon - a pair of non-compliant USB-C chargers.

My guess is LG put the physical USB-C port in place, but made no other changes to allow for power negotiation. Since those phone chargers are low voltage / low current, there wasn’t much of a down-side for them. The upside for you, is you have two USB-C slow chargers that will work on devices that did not properly implement USB-C power.

Received mine today. I like it. It was between this and Convoy m3 for house light. This was cheaper, especially with 11.11 discount. Also while Convoy has a brighter turbo, the high mode isn’t. Turbo is something I barely use outside of occasional wow factor.

I was afraid the tint would be too cold. But I am pleased with it. Here is where Convoys are better though.

The attachment of the rubber insert over the USB port seemed to strain pretty tight when I charged it up. I am afraid of tearing it off. I think I am just not going to use it. Thankfully I do have a battery charger.

I like cooler tints

I also will probably not be using USB charging on the SP33v3

I have several spare 26650 and 18650 batteries that swap in very quickly but don't have any 21700 that fit the plastic sleeve much better than the 18650.

This light fits in hand very nicely.The size and power are near perfect for me.

On turbo it's an excellent hand warmer

Try putting some thread & o-ring lube on the rubber post that holds the USB cover in place. If it can spin and move more freely, it should reduce stress on that part.

I received 2 black ShockLi 26650 5500mAh batteries yesterday and they both easily fit in the SP33v3

They were both at 3.85 volts when received and both charged to 4.2 volts at 1/2 amp. in an Xtar VC4

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I took some measurements of the SP33 v3.0 with the Texas Ace lumen tube calibrated with Maukka lights:

Sofirn SP33 v3.0 Turbo, 2991 lumens, 6810K, DUV –0.001, CRI 68.1, R9 –21.7, R12 42.9, Rf 62, Rg 97, Golisi 4300mah 26650
Sofirn SP33 v3.0 Turbo, 2896 lumens, Vapcell 5500mah 26650

Thanks for these measurements! 6800K, 68 CRI hmm…

Nice info. Thanks.

6810K :open_mouth:

Thanks SKV89 for the measurements. Would you happen to also have the Sofirn SP33 v2.0, and have the same kind of measurements for that model? So have an idea of the differences… Thanks very much in advance!

I do have the SP33 v2.0 but it is modded with 4xE21A