New Solarforce P1 - Is Available!

"will be available at the 15-3-2012~~~~~"


Video available also:

According to british blades ( )

it should be quite light, at 68g.

Looks like more of my money will be going to China. Can't wait, sounds exciting.

Sweet, that is exact what I was thinking about a few days ago, I will get a yellow one for my car.

Shhhhh, don't tell Foy

Looking good, I think I'll 'need' a green one ;)

Looks good. I like the yellow!

I do however wish that Solarforce would produce a P60 host with a MASSIVE and CHUNKY oversized head, with fins to allow drop-ins to run at full pelt for the duration, killing the fear of emitter melt down.

It's needed so badly, much more so than a host such as this.


They managed to copy two different designs simultaneously - Paul Kim's (former Surefire designer) Icon lights, and the Surefire G-series.

I like the yellow for a bug-out bag.

I have to say I had a little wish for the 3 x AA format but no.

Well, could be worse, at least they are up and kicking at least something new to market!

Going for the grey one if the host is 25$ or under.

I think the L2X is very close to that, lots of mass and the cubes offer as much if not more surface area than fins. As long as you can get the thermal path between the drop-in and the head strong enough you shouldn't have too many heat problems with it.

Im buying this one for sure....

Well if it isn't too expensive that is.

I'm guessing it will cost $12.99

Precisely my thoughts as well! (& digging the yellow too).

I sent SolarForce a email and got a reply in less than 5 mins:

Dear (removed),

Thank you for your email.

The P1 will be available early March. FYI, please.

Best regards,
The Solarforce Team

"will be available at the 15-3-2012~~~~~"

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It is worthwhile adding Solarforce Flashlight to your Facebook friends list for updates like this.

I didn't notice

I like!

Now THAT is what I'm talking about! That design just screams USE ME!

If it's a very dark green then sign me up for that color.

Not AA, not interested.