New SolarForce S1100

Jumbo Throwie from SolarForce, Wow Wow TN31 look-alike

Specifications and Features :

Uses CREE XM-L (U2) high power output LED
The body is made of T6063 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy in Mil-spec type III hard-anodized (matt black) finish, which significantly strengthens the anti-wearing and anti-corrosion features of the unit.
Stainless steel bezel which makes the flashlight head much more impact-resistant
Stainless steel connector available for connecting the flashlight to camera tripods
Highly focusing reflector producing a illumination distance of over 700m
Strengthened ultra-clear glass lens with two-surface coating for ultra high transparency and light transmittance
Water-proof (IPX-8 standard)
Stable current-regulated output with input voltage range of 8.5 – 13V
Battery type: 18650 x 3 pc
Built-in reversed battery polarity protection circuit
Output-controlling switch provides different modes (100% → 50% → 10% → strobing → SOS → repeats) and low-power indication (please change batteries when the button turns from green to red)
Lumens and runtime:
100%: 1100 lumens & 125 mins
50%: 550 lumens & 4.5 hrs
10%: 110 lumens & 30 hrs
Length x diameter (head and battery tube): 224.3 x 80 x 49mm
Weight: 705g

I’m afraid to see the price. And i’m also afraid we are being teased and it won’t be out until 2014

Solarforce is a little late to the party with this, but I’m digging the design language.

It wouldn’t be too late if the price was very low.

Whoah nelly!

If this doesn’t cause Foy to waken from his BLF slumber nothing will.

WOW! I like this design they came up with,the handle looks like the catapult v3.I think stepless dimming would have been the way to go with this one.I'm afraid to see the price and pricing this too high would be a big mistake on Solarforce's part,since it's so close to TN-31.

Update : Battery carrier added ~

looks pretty nice, been wanting a XML thrower for a while, so many choices now. but with the XML2 out might as well wait for that. hint tn31

Looks very swish, good job on the design.

At last, a solarforce I’d consider owning! :party: it is a handsome looking beast, I just think a single emitter light should have been parallel wired rather than series, unless its an indication there’s a hard driven multi emitter light using a similar host in the pipeline, it would then make sense to utilize one battery carrier.

Hmmmm :slight_smile:

What an elegant beast!

Foy where are you?

Oooo.... Let's hope the price is under 100 dollars. :D

With batteries in parallel, it’d be very hard to achieve 100% perfect regulation.

The voltage says 8.5 to 13 volts input

Foy you can run, but you can’t hide.

But just looking at the pics, my guess is it’s already Foyapproved,

but I do want to see that review.


Umm that looks nice.

Not yet at solarforce-sales…

Very nice Solarforce!!! :wink: