New T10B host with a MT-G2, maybe?

I just spotted this on the IOS site here:

This may be what I was looking for in a small form factor light running a MT-G2 with some power. It's probably going to require the extension tube though and a buck driver - not sure I could get a boost driver for a single cell, but maybe one is out there. I got the T10 host from IOS with an XM-L2 and Nanjg driver at 3.5A now and love it - it's a definite high quality host, certainly better than a Convoy C8 host, and I feel better than the Convoy M1 host I've got as well, at least in overall quality, feel, anodizing, etc. I know this T10B match's the Convoy L1 host but I see FastTech is sold out of all models of it, and not sure if it's really the same exact host, same quality.

This T10B, like the T10, has that over-sized pill, nice quality of course, so think it can accomodate 2 board drivers, but I should verify all dimensions first I suppose.

Hank really enticed me by showing the MT-G2/Noctigon star in his posted photos of the host, and looks like it will fit the reflector perfectly. I pm'ed him about a driver - I'll see what he says.

Quick Update: Hank got back to me in like under 1 minute and said on the MT-G2/Noctigon listing, he already recommended a driver and the T10B host, so he's got a hot pocket rocket/flooder already spec'd out! This is getting interesting...

That looks similar to the Convoy L1 that has unfortunately been out of stock at FT for a awhile. The L1 came with the LD-29 buck driver, which is a 2 board driver.

Keep us posted. That was fast!

I like it. Smaller than a C8 at the head. This should make a flood monster. It will be interesting what Hank has to say about a driver.

If the reflector has the same inside geometry as this one it will work well, it gives a tight, but not sharply defined, center spot. Dunno if that's down to the OP or just the overall shape or something else. But it at least seems possible to get a decent focus with the MTG2.

This is where Hank is recommending the parts: He's saying the driver needs 2 cells, but you could use two 16340's he's saying and keep it small.

comfy - you tried that reflector then? Wonder how it looks and how much lumens it gets, of course depends on amps as well.

Comfychair, I got the FT 37mm SST50 reflector in today.

Here it is side my side with the T10 reflector.

The SST-50 on the left. Total height is slightly taller due to the outer edge, but to the emitter, I would say its the same.

Sorry, SST50 is now on the right. So it slightly wider, but not by much.

Outer diameter on the T10 34,5mm
36,7mm on the FT SST50, but I would say it has got slightly more edge.

All in all, these reflectors are very similar.

The T10 is a wonderful light (grey single cell).
Im just not loving the looks of the extended black version though.

Its incredible that Hank have already gotten a host that is suitable for MT-G2 though. It was not long since someone requested it.

16340s even in direct drive don't drive the MTG2 particularly hard, they surely wouldn't need a buck regulator of any sort. I'm getting pretty miserable runtimes even with two fairly stout 18650s and a modded-for-high-voltage Nanjg 105c. Three cells should really be considered the minimum if you want usable runtimes and proper regulation. 8.4v just isn't enough headroom with the 6.3-ish Vf at 3A.

2x 26650s of course will be better, but not by a whole lot.

Just think'n what 1,600-1,800 lumens coming out of a T10, specially in a nice neutral tint, would look like... aahhhh, uuhh, wowwwww

Not sure, but using the 3.5A driver I would think you could get those results. I got a Convoy S4 EDC doing 1,000 lumens and it's impressive... This is one step up in size, a big step up in output. Thanks RaceR86 for the pics!

Oh - comfy - just saw your post on the batteries. Interesting, so 2 18650's may struggle to do the job. Well for me, it would only be for playing around with, so I could use 2 Samsung 20R's or Pana PD's, something low resistance rated for high amps -- maybe that would do it, but only for short usage.

would be Goldilocks for size vs. regulation/runtime. 3x18350 and a spacer works too but that ain’t as cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit-shame that the LD-33 is 23mm diameter; it supports 4 cells and has low voltage warning for 3 and 4 cells. So close and yet so far.

I guess we could start up a project to commission our own 26350s. :p

Unfortunately there will need to be an E-Stogie market before 26350s see the light of day :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered one. I already have two T10, and was waiting for Hank to get in the 2x18650 model so I could try an MT-G2 in it. The problem is driver hight. I’m pretty sure this host has enough wiggle room to extend the pill a bit and still accommodate 2x18650.


What are you seeing for those “pretty miserable runtimes”?

Only about 15-20 minutes in 2-3 minute bursts before it starts getting noticeably dimmer. And being unprotected cells and no low voltage (not that I trust, given the who-knows-what voltage at the MCU thanks to me using unknown leftover zener diodes & resistors) warning from the driver, I don't run it much longer than that before I toss in a fresh set of cells.

It does 1.6A to the LED, but that's at double the voltage, so... I don't know. It's a 8x7135 driver, it doesn't get hot, and appears to be working correctly. With a single cell and running a XML it goes back to doing around 3A, put back on the MTG2 again and it does that same 1.6A again. *shrug*


Ok, thanks.

As a point of information, I have this light:�-price-drop

and took the pill out of that, and have it shoved into the section of a DST that normally holds the DST pill, wrapped in aluminum foil.

I am using 2 x Efest IMR 2000s 18350s, and ran it on high outside of the DST. I had a DMM attached to watch the voltage on the batteries.

Both batteries were charged to 4.20V, and then I started the run. My original intention to run it until the voltage got to 3.0V, but the light started to blink a couple of times @ 3.07V, so I stopped it there. Elapsed time was 7:32.

I measured the individual battery voltages after that, and they were ~3.76V each.

7.5mins run time? Am I reading that correctly?

Yes, from 18350s. Sounds about right. The voltage sag with the little cells is a killer.

Yes, that time (~7.5 minutes) is correct, but one thing to clarify. I said that that was when I disconnected the batteries. The light was still working, but I noticed it blinking, so I got worried and disconnected it.

I think that the light uses this driver:

which says:

Protection functions:
Flashing 1 time every 5 seconds - High temperature
Flashing 2 times every 5 seconds - Low voltage
Flashing 3 times every 5 seconds - High temperature and Low voltage

I wasn’t sure if that blinking I saw was any of those warnings/protections, but I didn’t want to take a chance, because this is the only MT-G2 emitter I have in-hand now.

As far as I could tell, other than the blinking, the light was still on high mode when I pulled the connectors off…

I’m not sure how “runtime” is normally measured?

Just for reference, direct drive from two Panasonic NCR 2900s it does 5.30A (and put a blister on my finger that was holding one of the wires in place, even though it was at least 1/8" away from the dome). Was too skeered to try that with 18650s until I had some actual copper boards to mount one of these beasts on.

Darn! Killed light!

Looks like melted negative solder joints - is that possible?