New T10B host with a MT-G2, maybe?

I was able to get it working again :)… The fellow who built the light/pill had used some braid to bridge between the negative trace on the contact board and the pill body, but it doesn’t look like joints were very solid. I’m guessing that the extreme heat from running the light for 7.5 minutes must’ve melted the solder. I ohmed between the contact board negative trace and the pill body, and it was open.

For now, I’ve repaired the two bridges, but I’ll probably have to clean them up (maybe removed and re-do them) later.

Wow! I was seeing the cost of the light “go up in smoke” for a few minutes there :(!!

I have that same driver. I plan to use it with an MT-G2 in the T10B which should arrive this week.

Same here: T10B on order with that same driver, MT-G2 on Noctigon - the IOS order is running late because I already recv'd an IOS order I did after this order.

SingPost is getting bad. Got three parcels in one day that had been ordered from IOS at different times. Some really old.

cant wait to hear your results tom….you know i be loving them flooders heheh

Got the T10B host and driver today! No time to do it though... Looks like the same pill problem as the T10 host - gotta grind or sand down the upper outer part of the pill to get the thing to assemble right -- don't understand -- looks like the parts aren't even made to assemble properly. If the top isn't shaved, you cant fully screw in the body into the head, I don't get it... Is everyone else doin the same thing with these hosts? Am I doin something wrong?

The body tube must be screwed into the head first. Then the pill must be screwed down in the head through the bezel.(reverse thread) This results in locking the body tube into the head. The body and head cannot be separated until the pill is removed.

Ohhh - didn't try that... Thanx!