New to headlamps searching for 18650 headlamp with similar beam to C8

Good day,

I am new to the headlamps and have no Idea where to start, hoping if I list my criteria you headlamp gurus could point me in the correct direction.

1. has to run on 18650 batteries
2. has to be well built “spent to much money on eBay junk”
3. 2 modes only high and possibly 20% mode
4. light output comparable to a XML U2 C8.

If there is a host that is mod friendly that is absolutely an option. My dilemma is I built a couple of C8 lights to fill the bill and found out after the fact that I cannot hunt with a light mounted to the scope, the light has to be handheld or head mounted. needless to say my hands are already full so a head lamp would be fantastic.

The only 2 mode headlamps I’ve ever come across are eBay “Cree” specials. I feel like you’ll have to find something like a Skilhunt h02, and get a custom flashed driver from mtn electronics with only 2 modes.

I also don’t know of any 2-mode option. When you say “Similar beam”, do you mean similar brightness, or do you mean similar beam pattern? The skilhunt H02’s are apparently some of the easiest modded headlamps, and the H02R will give a bit more throw, but nothing like a C8. For that kind of range, you would need to strap a reflector the size of a C8 to your head, and it would need about the same mass too to handle the heat from any high output. Maybe you should just look for a way to mount a C8 to a hat?

I am very familiar with mtn electronics as that is where I get my drivers and LEDS for flashlight builds. I am not familiar with Skilhunt h02 where can I check one out.

Best bet would be Jetbeam HC20, has 3 modes, and a throwy beam due to having a reflector.

Have you considered sewing/gaffer-taping a C8 to the visor of a well-fitting baseball cap? Use a custom mode spacing, and maybe get a rear switch wire for easier switching.

I’ve done it so many times when camping (though not with anything as big as a C8 ; a Thrunite 2C-V2 usually. I digress) and it never fails.

Simple, effective, and room for customisation.
Just thinking outside the box… :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a great idea and I could use the C8’S that I already built. just got to figure out a sturdy way to mount it.

Drill/stab 4 holes through visor, place C8 on top of visor, acquire large zip-ties, apply zip-ties appropriately.

Or try one of these: