new to me motorcycle... came with bike light!!

its this light…

in the one picture? I can make out the model number, so, that’s the one… has the pouch battery and everything.

on a quick look? spec sheet says “8.4v”, and theres 4 in there of whatever size… so I guess its 2S2P

previous owner? this is an old street trail bike, 6v system… headlight sucked back in those days? he got a bicycle light so he had as he put it “something resembling a headlight at night”.

so, I am guessing I have 16 “chinatastic, real 100 percent authentic imitation emitters”, I am sure… ha ha

cant say anything till after dark, just got the bike today. danged sun, ruining half the fun of this thing… which of course half the fun will be playing with the light, ha ha.

WAS wondering though… I gotta take a meter to the bike lights?? 6v might be okay for wiring this thing in, I don’t know… time will tell

and no one to share my joy with… my first bike light ever… sniff sob

Tell me more about the bike :smiley:

Yes please.

We like scooters too, don’t be shy……

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

… Trusty 1978 Honda CT90 …

That is ONE Sweet ride weklund. Friend of mine has a red one, he won’t let it go.

Whats the black round box on the rear?

That is the original spare gas tank …

Swaaaeeet! Bike

this one… 1974 ts-125 prospector (4 speed, dual range, IE like having 2 rear end gear ratios on a lever)

the bike light? works okay… the original 6v headlight??? more light from a CANDLE, lol…

which is why I am thinking about trying to utilize the 6v system?? to feed LEDs… as in “maybe”

6V? A 2S buck driver should drive quite a few LEDs quite nicely!

I had a yellow 1971 suzuki TS 90 when I was 14. On my 15th birthday I bought a 71 Yamaha DT 250.

both great bikes .


6V? A 2S buck driver should drive quite a few LEDs quite nicely!


well, it certainly SEEMS easy…

but? this isn’t a real alternator, its one of those “magneto” things. That means the wiring is “primitive”.

I haven’t taken my new METER to it yet?? but… by EYE looking at the brightness of the lights? or how quick the signals blink?

I wouldn’t be surprised it was more like 1.5 volts at idle, ramping up to 5V at red line, LMAO… the motorcycle battery? iuf you wanna CALL it that? isn’t that much bigger than the LITHIUM POUCH for the bike light, ha ha

took it out for a test spin at night finally? just to go get gas tank filled up, and pick up a few 2-stroke oil containers to have on hand?

I didn’t make it ONE BLOCK before I was like “what IS that”??? and “it” was a DEER I honestly could not see it standing in front of me going 3 mph… I had to STOP and plug in the bike light… my boruit rj-02 has more “legs” than the main headlight on this thing.

but yeah, I am thinking of tapping into the headlight power line. I am mainly wondering what the “actual” range of voltages from idle to cruising speed is? it sure aint “6v”, lol…


honestly and truly? this electrical lighting system?? honestl;y reminds me more of one of those 1970 “put real lights and turn signals on your bicycle” kits… the kind with the little “dynamo” you rub against the wheel to turn the lights on flickering and weak? its THAT bad. the turn signals wont even BLINK until you rev it up high, lol

you have to put your hand in front of the headlight, even when moving? to “prove” its working.

Have you looked at the lawnmower light thread ? I haven’t but it seems the issues addressed would be the same or similar.

heck, I always did wonder why “antique” and “classic” titled cars aren’t supposed to be out after dark? now I know why, LMAO… its the whole “fred flintstone” lighting system…


that sounds like JUS”T the thing… but I gotta run and do an errand… ill check out the lawnmower lights when I get back in…

I’m only guessing but the problems have to be :

the large variations in voltage / voltage drops or brown outs

poor regulation ? / maybe a bad battery and it’s only doing part of it’s tesl job . Seems that the massive dimming issue was because although the battery was present .. it just was part of the problem instead of the solution ... that alone may be the easy solution .. but don’t adk me I haven’t played with bikes for a million years.

Obviously heat and vibration are involved in failures of some of the modern cheapy led aftermarket or diy options .

Then actually, a decent bike-light with a few ellipse TIR lenses, powered off a Li battery pack, would probably be the best bet.

Otherwise, something usb-chargeable, and a pre-regulator that’d take anything on the bike’s voltage rails >5V and chop it down to only 5V, so that the usb-charger can recharge the cells as your hamster’s whirring away.

It was easier to see back ehen that bike was built