new to modding; starting off easy

have a fraz labs gold nugget; i’ve read its supposed to be one of the easiest emitter swaps to complete as there is no soldering required

so, i got several different emitter choices from kaidoman, and now i have no idea what im doing

i know this is easy stuff for experienced modders; was hoping to get some tips and tricks for my first swap, and to get the forums advise so i dont mess up my light!

i searched and searched for fraz emitter swap video with no luck…

can someone out there walk me thru so i can do my very first swap?

thank you!

I’m not familiar with that light, but Zeroair’s review has pictures and instructions on how to swap the emitter.

thank you!

To perform an emitter swap on FrazLab’s lights one doesn’t need to solder.

Just purchase your desired LEDs pre-mounted on (16mm) MCPCB and swap out by loosening hold downs and change out.

here is a Fraz youtube video showing how he installs an mcpcb that has an LED preinstalled

> i got several different emitter choices from kaidoman

loose LEDs wont work, they must be installed on a 16mm mcpcb (verify that sizing by measuring the mcpcb in your light now)

a video of a gold nugget, complete assembly

thank you!

confirming i purchased led’s pre-installed on mcpcb 16mm - i got a nichia 519, an sft 40, an osram and a xhp70.3 hi

i have succeeded in disassembling the light removing the stock led/board and replacing it, but when i re-assemble, i get no light

when i put the stock led/board back in, it works fine again

i’m stumped for now. feeling good about taking it apart and putting it back together again, would feel even better if one of those emitters worked…

congrats on your progress

LEDs only work in one direction, try reversing the mcpcb that is not working

use the + sign on the mcpcb as a reference:
one of the posts in your light is the positive…
it has to contact the + pad on the mcpcb

Something is weird, when I flip orientation it still doesnt work…seems like no matter what side/ direction I put in the mcpb it doesn’t work - only the original works

can you show a photo of the one that works and the one that does not work?

the concept is simple
the solder pads on the mcpcb need to make contact with the posts and hardware in the light.

+1 what JS suggests.

You may need a slight solder bump on the MCPCB or a slight bump on the hold downs themselves to make contact.

will do, as soon as i get back from work will send some pics

appreciate your help - thank you!

i think this may be it; i need to really make sure that the hold downs (which do have a slight bump) are making good contact

the solder pads on the mcpcb need to make contact with the posts and hardware in the light - confirmed by the fraz guys

the original has solder bumps, the replacements do not

it all makes sense now.

hopefully theres a safe workaround as i dont have a soldering iron (yet) - tbd

whaaat! so much for the NoSoldering claim… oh well, time to buy a soldering iron.

> i dont have a soldering iron (yet)

here is an inexpensive starter kit:

Thank you again, really appreciate your help here!

And for the soldering iron rec…

need solder dollop confirmed