New Trustfire 26650 4000mAh's and Efest Sanyo 18650 2600mAh's at Manafont

Has anyone brought these up? (I've been missing a lot of recent BLF activity.) Manafont is showing a pair of Trustfire 26650's 4000mAh for $16.76 and a pair of Efest Sanyo 18650's 2600mAh for $14.20. .

I don't trust the Trustfire's until tested, but what about those Efests? That seems like a decent price for protected Sanyo's and I've seen users buying Efest recently. Are "Efest" cells reputable? (I know they don't make the cell, but add protection and re-wrap them.)


I am also interested in the efest 18650’s if they are good quality. Seems like a good price.

Good price if real, and it’s kind of a bad choice of spec to lie about (since people who know what it means would care).

I have a pair arriving tomorrow.

I didn’t order the batteries above. I ordered this:

Welcome to BLF! Thanks for posting that link.

So if you want 4000mAh capacity from a Trustfire 26650, buy the 5000mAh version! But as far as exaggeration goes, 3750mAh isn't as much as usual.

Does anyone know the maximum discharge current of these 18650’s ?

I recommend these as protected:

Sanyo 18650 Unprotected: