NEW TrustFire TR-DF003 2x26650 3xCREE XM-L Diving Light

Looks like CNQ has a new 2×26650 for sale. I was going to grab it until I saw the price. I may have to think about it, but it comes with the good batteries and a charger and tail rotating switch. I’ve all but given up trying to get a good Skyray 856, so this one may be the one.


Looks like CNQ has a new 2×26650 for sale. I was going to grab it until I saw the price. I may have to think about it, but it comes with the good batteries and a charger and tail rotating switch. I’ve all but given up trying to get a good Skyray 856, so this one may be the one.


I am also looking for a diving light, but for way less than that!

Holy cow! That is a beefy boy!! Impressive machining on it too, what with the 2-stage threading that has to mate perfectly and 4 o-rings on each end. The battery tube walls are over 10mm thick! 1.5 lbs of hard ano aluminum!! I would love to have that light but not at that price. Still, very, very impressive.

WOW that is SICK!!!
Hopefully its more than just a 3XML spring floating drop-in.

I dont like how thick/deep that bezel is though, it will block OTF lumens. I am not huge fan of deep bezels or aggressive attack bezels because of this.

1.5A into each LED, so I would not expect this to be brighter than the DRY, SR king, or TR-3T6. A host this thick + heavy can definitely dissipate more heat than 3-XML @ 1.5A, assuming it has a good thermal path.

To buy or not to buy. I’m definetly interested despite the price.

That’s a beast.

4.5A - does this mean 1.5A per LED? With that mass, it could probably handle at least 2A+

4.5A is either one of two things…

> 4.5A into the LED array
4.5A / 3 = 1.5A per LED

> 4.5A draw at the tailcap
3.6V x 2 = 7.2V (tailcap nominal + under load)
7.2V x 4.5A = 32.4W (tailcap power consumption)

Assuming an 80% efficient driver (ballpark estimation for typical flashlight circuits)
32.4 x .8 = 26W into LED array

26W / 3 = 8.66W into each LED

8.66W / 3.4Vf = 2.54A per LED

CNQ $95 + Shipping.

FF $144

MF $108

The site says it has a clicky in the tailcap but I am not seeing one in any of the pics. Cool light though. Someone needs to get it and do a review!

Edit: just noticed that manafont has it as a click switch and FF and CNQ have it as a rotary tail switch.

Thanks Kramer.

Hopefully 2.54/LED

I was thinking that myself, but these XML diving lights tend to be very floody. Perhaps the very recessed bezel could be a low cost attempt or solution to maintain more of a spot beam then all out flood?

Looking at the measurements, this thing is as long as a 3 “D” size flashlight. I’ll have to check on my funds and perhaps pull the trigger on this one.

Yeah thats more in-line with their 3000 Lumen claim.
One strike against it though is that UI. Disco flashey mode flipping is terrible with twisty witches, and with 4x gaskets thats not going to be much fun… IMHO.

Wow, I love the look! It would be great to have a real waterproof flashlight in my stable, as even water resistant ones like the TM11 are too expensive to risk. I won’t even dunk my S18. I had a need to put the head of a light into water over the weekend as we were trying to find something dropped in the water around 1200mm deep (was a walkie talkie, but that’s a whole other story….) and while the above 2 lights lit up the bottom brillantly, the glare on the water made it hard to see through. It would have helped massively to put the head into the water to stop the reflection, but do you want to chance it with lights well over $150? So having a light like this where you have no concerns would be great.

Agree about the attack bezel though- I can see that eating up some output……

But I’ll be watching this one and seeing what the inital impressions are.

There are many cheaper dive lights if you are just doing 2-3m depths.

This is really impressive. 683 grams! That is the weight of the TK70.

I’d love for someone to do a crush test. Probably the same level as a Fenix TK10.

Also its probably some 1400L - 1700 lumens OTF for these triple XM-Ls.

Yes, I just saw THIS on Manafont’s website this morning. I just love the rugged good looks. Too bad I’ve got 2 flashlights on order right now. (If only I had more money……) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi guys:)
I am new to that forum. Glad I found it!!
I am a torch freak as well :OO

I’ve lately seen this light in several stores and I really want to buy it but i have some questions to you :slight_smile:
I need it for diving, about 20-25 meters depth.

as I see this torch is not a great thrower right :\
right now I have palight t6 (800lm) that throws not too far but ok for my needs - but the light is too weak…

now if I buy this new light…

1. is there any way to make it a better thrower? ucl lens or maybe other reflector? or maybe this optics?°-LT-1751_106_146.html?cross=1751

2. does it have a good driver, or it can be replaced for something better? what do you think?

3. what would be its’ runtime on max with 2*26650 ?

thanks for you help :wink:

$108 @ MF.

The $85 price tag at CNQ is looking like a bargain!
Would be nice if it included 2 x 26650 cells. At that price, I may pull the trigger.

Maybe or maybe not. Once CNQ adds just the minimal shipping Registered Airmail Post, it brings the price right up another $28.96. I think DHL is about $32.00. So it’ll cost at least $113.96.

Hi HitIt, welcome to the forum.

This light is new to the market, so I don’t think anyone knows exactly what driver it has or how easily it can be upgraded. Considering it has 3 x XML’s and driven to 4.5a, I’d say as a diving light it should really put out a good amount of light. As for making it throw better, I doubt you could given the design of the reflectors. But someone would have to get there hands on one to determine if a higher power driver can be installed, not to mention if it would be capable of shedding extra heat. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing one soon myself.