New ultimate thrower!!! olight sr95s ut

here is some more info

It’s a thousand bucks, dude!

I know pretty ridiculous of olight, hopefully thats a typo

how this compares to the latest VaraPowers with the SBT. No pics yet…

I bet they haven't updated the pricing, as it should retail for around half that much.

Straight from there website.

Olight SR95S UT Ultimate Throw High Output Rechargeable LED Flashlight with Luminus SBT-70 LED - 1350 Lumens.

70 LED and only 1350 lumens? Kinda disappointing don't you think?

It’s $999 because its not available for preorder yet. Read the warning on the page.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices not yet available for this item - check back for pre-order availability.
Most SBT90 only do 1350 lumens, the sbt70 doing 1350 lumens is a more than I thought it was capable of :slight_smile:
It’s a smaller die too, that’s why it may become the new throw king. :wink:

How long till this light gets a review, I hope the sbt70 is a cheaper emitter than the sbt90. That may help make this more affordable

I don’t think emitters price makes up even 10% of light’s final price (which’ll be $500 according to Olight).

10% of $500 dollars, Is still a factor and on this light unless they changed the reflector then the only change would be the emitter on assembly.
My gues is if the emitter sbt90 is $45, the sbT70 won’t be more than that. Probably $35 so we should save a whopping 2% in the price :wink:

disappointing ? Its only one led

heres a link with a little info on it

For $500 I would be far more tempted to go down the custom track: a de-domed U3 direct mounted on a big chunk of copper and driven at 5A ought to get you to around 1300 lumen and with the same reflector would throw a looooooonng way.

Once again, they did a poor job with mode spacing.

$449.99 at BJ and GG.

That explains why the price has been going down on the SR95UT - I’ve seen it for as low as 325.00…

Yesterday we tested it. 8)


SR95 UT: 177100
SR95S UT: 257600


Beamshots ~120m:


SR95 UT:

X7 (XM-L dedomt):


Beamshots ~600m:


SR95 UT:

X7 (XM-L dedomt):


I don’t know. At 600 meters, the SR95S UT is the clear winner, but it’s not as impressive as one would expect at 257K lux.

Are the pics accurate?

Pics are all taken with same settings and white balance=daylight. :wink:

3D Versions HERE. :nerd_face:

lighting up trees that hard at 600m? my ebay HID has the same visual effect at 200m

Pics are never 100% Reality, but yes, we could see the light at 600m.
…Zoom Pics are more real. :wink: