New Version Convoy C8 LED Spacers

Hello. Does anybody know where one can buy these LED spacers separately?


Check this)

Hi pro22000. I have these, they unfortunately don’t fit properly… If I remember correctly, the “fall through” the reflector hole.

Hmm…, sorry. I have not noticed that the hole is 9mm diameter.

Only from Simon, I tried all other spacers that I could find, only genuine ones fit perfectly

May be these would be ok as well

Thanks for the effort pro22000. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. I’m going to measure the standard one and compare with this… Appreciated.

I’m trying to inquire from Simon if he’ll sell them separately, don’t have an answer yet. I don’t see them separate on his site.

I bought C8 flashlight from him and asked if he would send me some spacers with it, he sent me 10 pcs for free…
Here you have some pics with dimensions -> Finding centering rings?

Sirius9, just by the way, I’m really having a hard time focusing my LEDs in the integrated pill C8… I’ve messed up modifying many of these spacers trying to get the height of the spacer right. The eventual problem is when the spacer is sanded down enough, for much better focus, the bezel does not tighten down properly. I’m looking into maybe use 05.1.0mm [20mm] copper shims between the pill and the MCPCB as a spacer to get the bezel tightened down. Bit of a patch job, but what do you do! Simon, please bring back the C8 with the removable pill! And, just by the way, I also don’t like the matt finish on the new C8 it pulls finger marks like a magnet. Oh man, believe they’ve went a few steps backwards with the new C8. Was such a great light.

Noctigon MCPCB will add some height compared to aluminium MCPCB but not much, might work for XML2/XPL thou.

I’m currently using 20mm noctigons, no joy…

The answer might also lie in this. Will have to measure the thickness of the standard lens.