New version SK68 with Rotate Zoom?

Has anyone seen or have one of these? Looks like an SK68 with threaded rotating zoom ring instead of push/pull.

mini led lithium ion Rotate zoom torch flashlight 14500

Q5 5W 300LM

Plus it has the added HOLE SAW BEZEL feature to “cut” through the night! :wink:

Good catch I’m always looking for new zoomies :bigsmile:

geez louise…

i about need a small table top metal lathe, just to cut off all the danged weird crenallations they keep coming up with, lol… THAT bezel looks like its just waiting to rip up the pockets of my expensive winter coats, lol…

who ever first came up with the word “tactical” about needs their @$$ removed, lol…

that aside? if it focuses up to a sharp emitter?? i think its cool…

Is it actually a rotateable zoom, or is it just a knurled ring on the back of the screw in part of the head?

If it is rotatable I will be getting them (just hope the price drops)!

A few days ago I got this AA light from Tmart: (The description is wrong, it’s an AA light)
Compared to the SK68-clones it is rather disappointing. The main negative points:

- rather dim

- moving small pill >> bad heat dissipation

- narrow bezel and small lens limit the flood angle

- old XR-E Emitter

- if you screw down the head the focus ring won’t move

  • Most of my other zoomies (18650 or AA/14500) aren’t that bright either, so I think I’m done buying them anymore. There was a nice BLF thread about the losses you get with the simple optics of most of those zoomies, I think it’s not worth the hassle.
    The SK68 might be ok, but even the two I’ve got (one “Ultrafire” and one “Thorfire”) have very different lenses (diameter…) and beams, the Ultrafire one is ok but the Thorfire ringy and narrow.

War, on the listing for it if you scroll down there are some photos of the light with the bezel off. From what I can tell it appears to be a legitimate rotatable zoom.

Looks like the LED stays stationary and the ring is on threads and moves only the lens in and out. (there is a slot where what appears to be an extended part of the lens rides in for actuation of the zoom)

Also appears the hole saw bezel is maybe a light press fit and slips on over the shouldered part of the zoom control ring.

If I am correct then I like this arrangement, like a completely re engineered zooming system on an sk68.
I’m not the expert on zoomies but take a look and see if you’re seeing what I am.

There is a Smiling Shark moving pill AA zoomy that has reasonable cooling, but usually that configuration is not good for high power, and I don’t really see any advantage to it.

Yeah, I was already thinking to smooth those off, my belt sander is on standby for this one!

Agreed, this one is ridicules, what are we suppose to do, saw a hole in an attacker? I hate all of these so called “attack bezels” I like just a smooth (preferably stainless) bezel. I couldn’t see trying to push the bezel of my flashlight into someone for self defense. I have better weapons for that. :wink:

But, …If your gonna do it, …might as well go all out and do it right,
…like this one :evil: :

(The infamous “Kilngon” Bezel)

Agreed. From what I understand moving the pill instead of moving the lens makes for much worse cooling due to less solid contact to the body for heat dissipation?
That’s why I like this setup with what appears to be a stationary pill.

I’m sure there are a lot of other AA zoomies out there with rotating zoom, I just like this one because it’s based on the renowned sk68.

I’ve never had good luck with cheap rotating zoomies, somehow they always find a way to get stuck. Might be better for people using them on bikes since they are less likely to slide on their own (apparently it’s a common problem).

The light on my shotgun is tactical. My 5.11 boots are tactical. My plate carrier and chest rig where tactical. Crenelations on a small light are not. Stop calling this cheap useless crap tactical, all it does is make mall cops more likely to buy it.

> hole saw bezel

What’ll they think of next …

Hey, I know — apply that little motor used to zoom camera lenses and some flashlights to rotate the hole saw bezel!

Tactical assault bezel fu!