New website looks so much better, suggestions

This site is so much easier to navigate, thanks!

Can I suggest you alternate the color of the threads like you are doing with the recent posts? It is so much easier on the eyes and the topics don’t all run together.

Thank you!

I don’t specifically know what you mean AUWG but if alternating colours are used can it please be remembered that some of us are colour blind so that colours that most people see as radically different from each other like red and green look very similar to us who suffer. Therefore if different colours are used, can they be of different levels of contrast as these are much easier to see. Plus lighter colours against a white background are pretty difficult (actually very difficult) to make out.



(edit…) ahh, I think I know what you mean - to my weary old eyes on the recent posts section each alternating thread in the list is ever so slightly a different colour than the last - to my eyes it is so subtle as to be virtually invisible - if this could be made with a bit of a stronger contrast it would be of help to the likes of me - but not so jarring as to be uncomfortable for people with normal eyes hopefully.