New XP-L High Intensity Emitter

CRI Color Temperature (K)
Warm White
2600 – 3700 Neutral White
3700 – 5000 Cool White
5000 – 8300

U5, U6, V2 (?)

Vinh from USA, the guy that dedomes LEDs, not Vinz from Germany

Saves time to do what if the light comes stock like that? I mean saves him time to ask $80? :)

That is what I thought! I have 15 of his torches!

15 Vinh lights? Lol i think you’re on the wrong forum! :crown:

I was just speaking my mind, could not have imagined someone got 15 of his dedomed torches.

Believe me,between that addictive spending and a new car last summer combined with being out of work,I BELONG HERE! :wink:

One is NOT dedomed! the D25Cvn TI V3!

Hahah alright that was a good one.

MY 18350’S are FINALLY HERE AFTER 8 DAYS,5 DAYS OF BEING INCOGNITO!! They are for my EC11! :bigsmile: I am going to get them out of the mail box!

90CRI top is T6 at 3000K.

New brightness bins designations, more confusion:

T* U* V* , Surely CREE likes to play.

This is some very cool news :slight_smile:

The highest flux bin is cool white XP-L High Intensity V2, and they seem to have a very large span off colour temperatures from 5000K-8300K in the CW bin, and similar in the others.


Now we need Cree to wake up and release some high amp emitters binned on & for copper DTP mcpcb’s, we all know they can do much more than 3A.

Because some manufacturers are scared to build lights out of spec on the emitter.

@ pilotdog68 & Hikelite:

Guess what kind of emitter the D25Cvn Ti V3 has???,an XP-L-5700K :bigsmile:

The bins line up with normal XP-L’s if you look at the luminous flux (lm) measurement. Looks like dedoming drops the output by 3 bins(ish).

There is no scare, look at the interior lights everyone uses 700mA and 1A for LEDs like XP-G2, everyone wants long life and efficiency (which is better at normal currents than any max rating or any so called over-driving). I guess flashlight world is quite different, anyway nowadays we have TN36 at 5A-6A per 1 XM-L.

Don't tell me, you sending it back to Vinh to change the LED?

NO I am not! I love throw but I love the output of this little light w/ dome on.

Yeah this was just lame. Where is the new XM-L3 1300+ lm @ 10 W (85°C)? 8)

@ smaller lights