New Year Count Down - The light of Beijing

It is said to be a 36 feet diameter bundle of 46 large search lights for New Year Count Down .
Beats the pants off the NYC New Year tradition, Big Apple Drop with bunch of incan bulbs.
I hope the aliens doesn’t decent through the light beam like one of the movies I saw.

Are you talking about Battleship? Great movie!!! I guess maybe not, I don’t remember them descending through the beam but I could be wrong… That is a awesome picture!!

A million billion cheap C8s. :bigsmile:

Though seriously even 15 of them would be good to make a light pillar. I wonder if any of us had that figured out.

can you edc it? LOL!

All actions in Battleship happen on sea and island, right?

Thats enough light, I think :wink:

Now I want that amount of light in the size of my C8 … 0:)

Does it have ...Disco Mode ?

That is really cool, and I really want one of those lights. ;)

No, the movie is the new movie: Avengers
The aliens comes through light beam portal that connect earth with their planet.

If the aliens see the Light of Beijing Portal, we’ll be all in trouble >)

Haha I was thinking of Independence Day when they blow up that house on 1600 Penn with a beam of light:

I wonder what kind of search lights? Carbon short-arc? I bet their diverting all the power from the Three Gorges Dam to power the array :wink:

Ok, now I remember seeing that. I knew I seen it just got them confused. :wink:

u sure u don’t mean war of the worlds…

but that was using lightning :slight_smile:


Nice beam,wait a minute!! now we know who bought ma_sha's moon blaster!

Or that scene of a UFO zapping the ESB :

That is just amazing! I'd love to see a pic from farther away so you could see just how high out that sucker reaches above the clouds it's smashing into in that pic.

New Year Party, Searchlight helps lucky guy to score:

There seems to be more searchlight on the other side of the stage, turns out its this:

Picture from far away:

Thanks(!) for the link.

I hear that Lumatic just bought 15 of them…