New Years is coming. Everybody get your strobes ready. LOL

Who says it’s a useless blinky mode. LOL :party:

Edit: Have a Happy Safe Bright New Years everyone.

A couple dozen strobes placed strategically would be cool if someone could film it.

Hopefully not indoors. I made it to 4 pointing at the ceiling before I was about to vomit.

Am using strobe just before and after the midnight fireworks.

I rock this bad boy for Halloween. Never though of New Years. Good idea.—i-ADJ-BIGSHOTLED-LIST?src=Y0802G00SRCHCAPN&gclid=CJf1ufzb2LsCFcFj7AodVh8A1w

We could all go outside and strobe into the sky at exactly the same time. Maybe the ISS or some satellite will see us and take a vid :slight_smile: