New Years Resolutions. Are you going to resolve anything in 2014? What's your New Years Resolution?

So what's your New Years Resolution?

I have one. I finally sat down and went through all of the flashlight budget from 2013, after some prodding from my wife. Well, maybe it was more like an ultimatum.Embarassed

SurprisedSurprisedSurprisedCry That's what I looked like after crunching all the numbers. Suffice to say, I am in the RED. I'm talking about bleeding like a stuck pig red.Tongue Out

My New Years Resolution is to keep the wife from ever seeing the Flashlight budget again...Tongue OutTongue OutTongue Out

Seriously, I need an intervention.Frown

Actually, I have resolved to stop eating... and use that money to help balance the Flashlight Budget!Sealed

I tried to help you out with your budgetary concerns! 0:)

One goal is to learn as much about modifying lights. Then to actually modify one. Gonna start small and work my way up.

Another goal is to buy as many “inexpensive” modded lights as I can fit in my budget. :party:

Oh, and buy a AA & AAA set of Eneloops. Ha.

I have yet to put together my flashlight budget projections for the 2014 fiscal year. I don’t think I want to see it on paper.

To finish all my flashlight projects....but to not spend too much money doing so.

It's going to be tough haha.

Finish my first / last build.

Lose 15 lbs and be healthier !

On the flashlight front:
I’d like to learn the basics and start some simple mods. I could use some quality lights. I only have one right now.

On the personal front:
I need to get out more. All I’ve done for a long time now has been taking care of everyone else. I need to devote some time to myself.

On the Job front: need to find a better one so I can afford all these things on my list :wink:

… If her Doctor wants it, to give my Sister the bone marrow she needs to save/prolong/improve/whatever her life.

Maybe that’s over-sharing…



Learn how to program my drivers.. have the stuff, but haven't done anything yet.

My new year resolution is to build my shoulder muscle to bigger and round deltoid, and increase current to my SR95S UT XM-L2 to at least 6.5A as right now it is at 5.3A. Building muscle is as fun as modding flashlight.

My resolutions:

-Lose some weight

-Get my CPL

-Get a GF/BF

My 2013 new years resolution was a dismal failure so none for this year. Good luck guys on yours and OL, you can not hide anything from your wife. They find out somehow. :_(

HNY, Dim. Tks for sharing. I volunteered myself at my blood bank. Thankfully support for BMT is growing. We save lives. You’d know these for sharing too :

- full medical exam.

- procedural counselling.

- possibility of expenses reimbursed.

  • 2 donation methods :
    A) Bone marrow harvest, 2-nite stay in hospital under GA, cells extracted from pelvic bones by needle/syringe, No surgery, blood stem cells replace themselves in 21 days, bruising/soreness around lower back & needle spot for a few weeks, bit tired for 10 days.
    B) Peripheral blood stem cell donation, encourages stem cells from bone marrow into the blood stream, 5 days bf collection donor receives daily injections of a growth factor, blood & stem cells collected in 1 or 2 collections lasting 4-5 hrs each, No in-patient hospitalisation, No anaesthesia needed, some flu-like symptoms but they resolve fast.

I already accomplished my resolutions....No more worries for the next 363 days.

Not to 100% satisfaction, but I uploaded the Programmable firmware available at BLF... now I need to manage to edit it with my own preferred modes.

To use my “good” camera more.

to troll less in gas

to spend more $ on flashlights!