Newbie after advice...on next torch purchase..

LED Lenser is a company which products are discussed controversial.

Just use your new P7 and if you ever feel the need for something different, come back to us and we will happily recommend you a ton of lights.

The thing is, you asked a bunch of flashaholic’s about the light, we all know we can get brighter or more portable lights for less. The reviews on amazon are definitely not written by flashaholic’s, their written by people used to a cheap incan AA torch, this will out perform a cheap incan torch, but your money could have been much better spent.

I do hope you are happy with it, really I do, the point is, if you are happy with the led lenser, you’ll be absolutely blown away by some of the other suggestions. They are that much better. The light I suggested in the other thread was £16, add £20 for cells and charger from torchy (you’ll spend about that on a charger and some eneloops) and you’ll be about the same costs, just the edc18650 with a u2 led will be the difference between striking a match and throwing a light switch.

Because LED LENSER hold a patent for their zooming mechanism, which minimises light lost when zoomed out. By holding the patent this prevents other companies from innovating or using it. LED LENSER also have weak ass torches and by holding onto that patent they are holding back the whole flashlight industry (albeit small).

At the end of the day, the most important thing is whether you yourself are happy with your purchase. If you like it then what does it matter what other people think.

But if you're not happy with it, just don't say that we didn't warn you.

Here's a sampling of quotes about the LED Lenser from other BLF members who posted in your threads.

This is all i care about i know there is most definately better torches out there but as long as its better than my current TrustFire R5-A3 I’ll be happy… anyway’s i will be buying a few more torches so you never know :wink:

Just buy what I say and be happy.” - Foy

One day I ended up with a flashlight this guy recommended all along and I was never the same :bigsmile:

Honestly, I’m not sure you’ll see an improvement over the r5-a3 tbh :frowning:

Too bad its not better than a trustfire r5 a3…

You're not gonna be happy.

I think you need to Study… The latest reviews is from 12th October 2012 tut tut….


The problem is it uses an outdated emitter and those reviews are done by people used to 100 lumen maglites.

We will be here to help you with your next purchase .

And the one after that

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As i’ve said this is one of a few torches i’m looking to buy… I’m still open to suggestions as long as its a pocket size torch…

What it is, is this light compared to the recommended lights are in 2 different leagues. The recommended lights are far and above superior to the performance of the lenser. But, for a basic homeowner type light you did do okay. Its just apples to oranges…thats all.

4 AAA’s, so body diameter, its comparable to a keygos m10, just shorter, trust me in this, order a keygos m10 as well, with the cells and charger, then do a comparison. I think it’ll take you a week to get your jaw off the floor.

Are you really?

Edit: Because if you are, I’ll actually take time to get some suggestions. I don’t want to be ignored like all the other people in this thread.

Yep i need a few torches about 4 in total my others are on they way out, but i’m more into small torches… Don’t get me wrong i do appreciate all the input from everyone :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile: sorry i didn’t attach my last post to quote you…

and is enjoying it at your expense. Maybe he works for Lenser? 8)