Newbie from Southern New Jersey

Hello everyone-

Thanks for a great forum. I love flashlights, but like most people don’t have an unlimited budget to buy all the ones I want. I have a Sunwayman M40A, a Fenix P1D, a Terralux Lightstar 220, and want a Nitecore TM11. So that’s it in a nutshell. I’m a simple guy with Caviar tastes…

Hello again-

I also wanted to comment on this. I don’t know as much as 98% of you out there, so when I ask questions or need info, please be patient with me. As a newbie I don’t always understand all the stat’s and numbers and so on…Thanks

Welcome, pick a cell type, sit back and read the stickies, their all reviews, and you’ll gleam a *t load of info. :bigsmile:

If you want advice, look for foys and the ’s reviews, also steer clear of johnny macs reviews, its expensive following his links…… :bigsmile:

Welcome to BLF! Many new members coming in now when the other forum is down… :wink:

You might want to start wanting Skyray King instead of TM11 and save money to buy other lights like Roche F22 too… :slight_smile:

Speak of the devil….

He he he!!! So true!

You mean "Speak of =the= devil"!

Welcome ohnonothimagain, don't worry we were all newbies at one point. I'm still learning.


Welcome to BLF! If you want the tm11 it is on sale for 150 dollars with the coupon code "powered"

Welcome to the club; you’re in like-minded company.

Welcome to the Blf. Enjoy.

Welcome! Have you concidered the ThruNite TN30 as a possible comparison to the TM11?
Just Saying……

Welcome to BLF, ohno!

Welcome to the BLF family, ONNHA!! Glad to have you with us.

Take the’s advice and check out the Skyray King as a budget alternative to the TM11. It beats it in performance and at a fraction of the price.

While you might get some "ribbing" (in fun of course). There is a wiki, and SEVERAL very talented members that will chime in and HELP with your learning curve.

Welcome to BLF

Welcome and have a good time, ohnonothimagain!

G’day mate!

Many many thanks for all the warm welcomes. Especially to the for the recommendation of the Skyray King, and to scaru for the info on the TM11 for $150. After reading other posts about gun safari, I’m reaaaaal leery about purchasing from them. Can anyone help me out please. If I do get the Skyray King, can you all give me a recommendation on what to feed it? The best 18650’s and the best charger. Anyone have any luck with chargers? I was looking at the Nitecore Intellicharge i4 when I was first considering the TM11 since it looks like it can take quite a few different batteries. Thanks again everyone. Must nicer audience than at the other, oh never mind.

The KING takes 4 18650s so just get any 4 identical batteries. My personal recomendation would be these. Which are protected and have a high capacity so they will last longer in your flashlight. For the charger I would recomend the intellicharge i4. I have one and love it. Be warned though when charging all 4 batteries in it it would take a very long time to charge them. (Around 10 hours)

Welcome to BLF ohnonothimagain

Well put! A lot of us are like that, if not all.

I hope you have fun here - I know I do.