Newbie & Lurker Giveaway: Tractor Supply 3AA light, Modded of course.... We have a WINNER!


I finally got around to remembering there was a giveaway here.

The winner is Post #33 IN Caver

I need a PM with your full name and address, to ship the light.

Thanks to everyone that participated.

This is a Tractor Supply 3AA light. In it's stock form, it's worthless. In it's modded form, it might still be worthless.

It has a plastic reflector (stippled now)

Plastic lens

"budget" 3AA carrier

NW XM-L out of the EA8

Some kind of Fasttech 2500mA driver H/M/L/Strobe/SOS and mode memory

Tail cap spring has the copper braid mod

It's fairly bright now and with the stippled reflector it has a very smooth beam.




Low, medium is somewhere in between...Tongue Out The yellow walls make everything look strange.


To enter you must be a "newbie" or a "Lurker". This is to get those many lurkers to post and to join in the fun, as well as to get newbies to "fess up" and get on in here.

Anyone who has been a member here, 180 DAYS OR LESS, OR HAS LESS THAN 75 POSTS can post in this thread, to be in the giveaway. This includes people who join during this giveaway. That's right, you can join and be in the giveaway right now, during the time it is open.

Why?? I value the senior members here, very much, but most of the senior members have bought tons of lights and have more than they can never use. This is not a collector's light or one of a kind light, it's just a simple, cheap, basic light that is nice and bright. Newbies tend to start out buying without knowing and at least this light has good output and a nice NW tint. Hopefully some of the lurkers will get more into it and more new members will get into it as well. Besides, it's my giveaway, so it's whatever I want it to be.Wink

The giveaway will end on MAY 10th. at whatever time I remember that I have a giveaway going on. I will pick a winner using End date is subject to how I feel on any given day, so don't put off till later, it might end sooner if there's no activity...


I’m not in, but awesome plan ol, I may pich it to do something similar myself.

thanx OL count me in cheers?

I’m not posting to enter, but I wanted to say this is a great idea! :slight_smile:

Very cool OL to have this for our newer members.

Ok, I’ll ’fess up to being a lurker. Hello everyone, and thanks for everything I’ve learned while lurking! It has been fun so far.

I’m in, thanks.

Put me in too. Thanks Old-Lumens for such an awesome giveaway.

Cool, throw my name in the hat

I think I qualify and thank you for your generosity.
Cheers Chris.

As long as I qualify please count me in. Thanks!

I’m in as a newbie. I’ve searched FT hi and lo for the, some kind off Fasttech 2500 driver yoiu have used on this fantastic light in your giveaway and cant find it. I even contacted there sales dept and they thought that they may off custom built it for you. Can you maybe pass on the details so I can get one built as well. I want to get mine made with next mode memory. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all for a winner. It wont be me. :_(

Less than 75 so I’m in. Thanks for the chance.

Not in, of course but a nice little mod-light and a very nice newbie gesture.


Very generous of you OL! (not entering) :wink:


Great giveaway! I disqualify, but that is fine for me…
Its a nice giveaway and a nice light!

great idea :D… i am Newbie!!

Yes please. Thanks!

I would very gladly like to join! Lurked here for a while, but made an account just for you.

Thanks for your generosity!