Newbie needs advice for my first flashlight, battery and charger

Hi all,

I want to buy my first 18650 light but also need to get a battery and charger. I will be getting the Convoy S2+. but I need your advice on which battery and charger to get.



budget set: ncr18650b (not protected) + liitokala li100.

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Thank you all for such a rapid response. However, it seems Gearbest does not ship batteries to Canada.

+3, if you are on a budget, but what S2+ option are you going with?

Have you thought about a light with the charger already in it or are you planning on getting more lights?

I was thinking of the grey one on special at Gearbest

Well the idea is to get a BLF designed system that is rechargeable.

ok I’m a noob at this too so why would you rec a unprotected cell on a 1st purchase ?

I would have thought the opposite for safety .

In general, you’re right. But in this case, the charger that was recommended is a decent one, not known for overcharging cells. And the Convoy S2+ has a rudimentary low voltage warning by flashing at you when the cell is low, so that kind of takes care of the low end.

Some S2+ bodies have quite small inner tube diameter preventing many protected cells from fitting. Otherwise, yes, I’d probably go with a protected cell. A protected NCR18650B cell just barely fits in my S2+ after I removed some of the exterior labels. A protected NCR18650GA cell does not fit, AFAIK.

Not sure why the OP chose S2+ specifically. Maybe he wants a flood light as opposed to a thrower.

ok thanks

Also, the S2+ lights I’ve built are very limited in space length-wise as well. Even the shortest protected cells I can find are a very tight fit.

Not sure if you will run into the same problem from the U.S……but might be worth checking the following 2 sites for batteries and maybe even charger:
IMR batteries

Liion Wholesale

okay. got the blue convoy on special with the recommended charger and ordered the battery from banggood us warehouse. Your advice is much appreciated.


I’m a bit too late but I just wanted to praise the liitokala. When my nitecore D4 died, just after 8 months of use, I got myself a liitokala lii-202 and I’m happy ever after. It doubles as a powerbank too and you won’t cry if it ever dies like I did with the expensive D4
I’m vaping so I really abuse my chargers daily :blush: