Newbie needs recommendations

Hi guys,

I am from Himalayan region of India, we often see weather related blackouts here and recently my city witnessed a heavy snowfall that cut us off for almost three days. It happened after a decade so it did catch us off guard.

I have two flashlights that I randomly bought via ebay couple of years ago.back then I only knew that Cree LEDs were one of the best. I am not even sure if these truely are cree or not because , ebay. But these were a pleanty of help.

Anyway, I have ultrafire’s sk68 and another 3aaa powered t6. And I am looking for better options.

I want to buy two lanterns and two flashlights and my budget is restrictive. Also will be buying nitecore 2600mah 18650s and nitecore’s four battery charger.

I have been looking at gearbest and found these two lanterns and

For flashlights, I am interested in getting convoy S2+ or S3 but I have read conflicting reviews about these being able to fit 18650s.

So I have following questions:

1) are those lanterns any good? Or am I better off buying a $3 ultrafire sk68 and diffuser cone?

2) will S2+ or S3 XM take nitecore batteries? If not then will C8?

3) is there an option that’s cheaper than nitecore charger for nitecore batteries?

welcome my friend
first, how much will you spend on ur light
second, both convoy s2+ and C8 are a good light, but with different purpose, C8 is for throwing, and s2+ is a flooding light
third, dont buy nitecore battery, it’s overprice( IMO), buy Panasonic or Samsung on Gearbest, much cheaper, and well quality

dang good start a S2+ and C8
both have low voltage protection, so unprotected cells are sae and usuallyare a bit thinner then protected so should fit well

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Hello Devilz666,

I use a few Convoy S2s. They are quite good as a starting light. I suggest you build one with a XP-L HI and a smooth reflector from Simon to get the maximum throw from such a small diameter reflector. Otherwise they are quite floody. Convoy C8 is an amazing light for the price, I would still suggest building the XP-L HI version for the best throw. I have a few pocket rockets I can sell off at the cost I paid. These are built using Copper MCPCBs, BLF Drivers etc. PM me if you are interested.

But if you are looking for a stock one, then banggood/gearbest would be the cheapest for you.

About the battery charger’s I suggest the OPUS. I had a nightcore D4 which I later sold and got myself an OPUS. It also has discharging options which will be useful for refreshing NIMH cells. I beleive the Nightcore batteries should work in these bodies. It might be thicker by may be a mm and longer by about 5mm. OPUS @Gearbest

There is a Blitzwolf lantern thats making waves these days, check that out as well.

About batteries why dont you start off with laptop battery pulls. While they dont work that well with FET drivers they should be okay with regulated drivers that S2+ and C8 Comes with when you buy a built one. Be sure to get the ones with the new UI. The software is created by our own ToyKeeper!

As far as lanterns go I would recommend a solar powered one. leave it/them in a window sill or other place that will get sun light and it is always ready to go. Two I have are


I think the light provided by the Luci is a bit better dispersed, but both are very functional and have lasted 3 years of intermittent use. The Luci is soft plastic that relies on air inside to keep its shape. Mine developed cracks pretty early on so I glued a string to it so I could hang it, and it works just fine.

Others here can recommend a million flashlights, my experience is more limited there.

hope that helps, Matt