Newbie needs some help, made a mistake?

Protected cells are designed to mitigate short circuits and resultant venting/fires/etc as well. Problem is, the additional circuitry adds cell length and potentially cuts off current flow with certain drivers (primarily FET). Don’t be intimidated by all the negative hype surrounding li-ion cells. Follow common sense safe handling/usage practices and ‘unprotected’ cells should never be a problem.
Your charger is GTG, albeit a little slow for cells with larger capacity, but will be perfectly fine for the little 10440. Choose a safe place and surface to run the charger, and have a containment plan in the unlikely event something does go wrong. If possible, don’t leave the charger unattended while in use.

Awesome, thank you both for the education. Now, on to “over discharging”. How does one know when the battery is too low, and what happens when it goes past the too low point?

Hello and welcome, Nicefellow!

Jackson Lee is the premier Reylight dealer in the US (full line and customized too!) and carries the Vapcell 10440 flat tops perfect for your application at $4.88 each. He is a great guy to do business with, very nice and professional. He will take care of you and will NOT gouge on shipping costs. His website is:

Rest assured you made no mistake on your buy, in fact you chose one of the highest quality custom lights at an extraordinary value. I have the Pineapple's big brother the LAN in titanium and it immediately became my favorite light. The Nichia LED Rey uses (219b SW45K) is considered royalty status amongst enthusiasts, so you chose very well.

The Vc2 charger is perfectly suited for your needs. No need to babysit it while charging, just plug in and go.

To achieve the best battery cycle life, it's a good practice to recharge early and often opposed to completely exhausting the battery every time.

  1. The Pineapple has a low voltage cutoff circuit that will force the light off (about 2.9V) before any real harm to the battery can happen, so there's no need to worry about using the light or charging the battery.

Welcome to BLF and the start of your hobby. There are a gaggle of friendly and knowledgeable folks here always willing to help. I really like the community feel here and I hope you will also.

Enjoy your Pineapple and have fun! :)

If the light is running Andruil 2 then 3 presses will give you the voltage. one blink for each full volt, pause, then one blink for each 0.1 volt.
Usually when a light gets low in my experience it will misbehave before it gets too low, presses not doing what they are supposed to etc. But that is just my limited experience so far.

Thank you everyone who replied. I’ve been wanting to get into this part of the flashlight world. I searched many brands other than my regular Olight, Streamlights, and Surefires. I looked at Fenix, Nitecore, Acebeam, Klarus, Jetbeam, and Zebralight. Then I made the big mistake of looking at Okluma and CWF Custom lights. Those last two make beautiful lights, but way out of my price range. That peaked my interest in custom lights. Then I kept hearing about Reylight. When I researched them, I was surprised how many good reviews there were. Then, I saw their website and what seemed like a very high quality light for reasonable prices. I immediately wanted the LAN, Pineapple, and mini Pineapple. I am putting together my edc pouch, so size and weight are priorities. I have a couple small Olights, but I wanted something a little more unique and “complex”, so I ordered the Pineapple mini. That lead to this site and my questions. I am looking forward to getting it and carrying it daily.

I really appreciate everyone’s help!

If the light is running Andruil 2 then 3 presses will give you the voltage.

The Pineapple is NOT an Anduril UI light. It has a basic simplified Biscotti type proprietary Reylight UI with 4 mode groups and programmable memory.

Default program is moonlight (0.2 lumen), 2% (8 lumen), 20% (80 lumen), and 100% (240 lumen), with memory off.


It is easy to be floored by exotic material and artistry machining of handmade custom lights but the price of admission usually starts around $400. You may have a beautiful light that you are constantly afraid of losing or damaging then and if you dont use them for fun what's the point?

Reylight has a history of collaborating with BLF to provide handmade quality at incomparable prices. When I got my Ti LAN I was so impressed by its build quality, solid handfeel, aesthetic beauty and superlative beam it exceeded all my expectations. I would pay triple its asking price and still feel worth it. Which is possible if you load it up with tritium glow tubes ...

You might enjoy this:

Have fun!

Reylight pineapple mini can use 10440 button top batteries just fine. I have a few Vapcell INR10440 that work.

Those JC lights are beautiful. Maybe someday I’ll save up and get one. With my ridiculous number of expensive hobbies, it might be awhile.

You made the right choice by coming here and you didn’t make a bad choice in lights. You’re smarter than average lol. Welcome.

Another question- the particular version I ordered has the Nichia 519A 4000K LED, not a sw45k. How much of a difference will there be between that one and the 4500. I assume it’s not as nice as the smw45k?

I did get the new tail though. I like the looks of it.