Newbie saying hello

Hi guys!

I’ve been a lurker for a while.

Just ordered a TK75 to complement my PD30 and I have a feeling
there’s more to come!

Thought I’d better sign up and get involved.

Welcome John! We’re happy to have you here. Hope you enjoy your new light ( s ).

Welcome to BLF!

Looks like you have a blistering start with that TK75, may you discover many lumenic treasures on your journey!

Howdy. Get well soon and leave before it’s too late. :wink:

Hello! Welcome to BLF!


Hi John,

Welcome to the BLF !

It looks like you are jumping into the deep end of the pool right away. Please be sure and acquire some quality cells to power that lumen-monster !

It's nice of you to join us, johnfoxllb!

Welcome to BLF! It appears the wallet emptying process has already begun :wink:

Welcome :cowboy_hat_face:

G’day mate. Welcome :slight_smile: