Newbie seeking advice about a BA-20

Hello guys, first of all I want to give a big thanks to the folks on this forum- I have lurked around for a while and have came across some great information from some knowledgeable people on here……after some research and reviews, I recently bought my first decent light, one I wanted for EDC. I decided on the Jetbeam BA-20, I ordered it from amazon. Unfortunately, it was defective upon arrival, the tailcap seems to be the culprit. It will sometimes come on and sometimes won’t, I performed a resistance check on the switch in the tailcap and it seems the switch is faulty. It works fine in the momentary position, but about 50 percent of the time it will not stay on when the switch is engaged. I searched on this site on how to remove the switch, Jetbeam has put some sort of threadlock on it, it is stuck. I have emailed Jetbeam about this issue, the light is only days old…if I can’t get a warranty replacement I offered to buy a new tailcap… unfortunately I haven’t gotten a response, and it’s been a week. So….I am turning to you guys for any advice/or links to buy a new tailcap with switch- I really love this light, and could quickly see myself becoming a flashaholic! I might just steer clear of Jetbeam next time though. Any advice would be greatly appreciated- thanks again!

Turn it the other way clockwise I think.

If you can see thread lock then you can buy a solution to unlock it.

Thanks for the reply. I knew to turn the retaining ring clockwise (thanks to this forum) however it is stuck. I used snap ring pliers…it’s in there good. Just wish I could get a reply from Jetbeam or find a source for a new tailcap w/ switch. Any Jetbeam reps out there?

Try CPF or CPF marketplace

Thx…I have searched that “other forum” as well- just decided to check in w/ you guys, seemed like a better atmosphere to me around here. I’m kind of at loss right now, just a bad experience w/ Jetbeam having their product arrive defective w/ and not much customer service.

There are 2 jetbeam companies. Can you not send it back to Amazon?

I have until Nov 1st to send it back, I don’t do a lot of business w/ amazon, for this very reason. Instead of the hassle of a return, I would just rather fix it, even if I have to be out a few bucks. (Even though it’s clearly a warranty issue) Maybe I should have ordered from Jetbeam direct. I have emailed all the contacts I can find on them, including the ones in the links provided…thanks tho

buy a McClicky switch. file off some plastic. voila, high quality upgrade to the crappiest switches in flashlight history (jetbeam)