Newbie - Trustfire Z6 Cree XM-L T6 1000-Lumen 5-Mode Flood-to-Throw Glass Optics

Hi guys, greetings from Malaysia. Newbie here so please be nice to me. I've been lurking the forum for the past 1-2 months and find myself slowly venturing into this addiction.

For the past 1 month, bought myself these:

1 x SF L2m with SF XML 3 mode dropins (Gave it to my father in law)

1 x SF Grey L2P with MF XML 3 mode dropins (Loving it!)

1 x SkyRay STL-V3 (Nice throw with tight hotspot. Tailcap a little dodgy)

3 x Trustfire C8 with SS bezel (Nice balance between throw and spill. Gave 1 to my brother)

1 x Sipik SK68 clone (For my son)

2 pairs of Trustfire Flames

1 x WF188 Charger

On the way:

1 x SF L2T Tailstand with MF XML 3 mode dropins

2 pairs of Trustfire Flames

I can't digest the idea of myself into this new addiction since my neighborhood is well lit up area and I'm not an outdoor kind of guy. But the idea of having small flashlight with blinding brightness is what fascinates me. At this rate, I'm draining my wallet twice as my previous hobby. Thanks to great reviews by Foy and old4570.

BTW, just found this link in MF..

Seems like a nice single 18650 FTT. The optic is glass but looks hazy. What do you guys think? Anybody got this light?

Might be nice to have 1 FTT flashlight in my collection.

Welcome to BLF !

I've never seen that torch before. Nice find.

Hi abinaufal.. Welcome. Gosh, you've ordered a whole lotta stuff in your first month

Yes, me too. I'm interested to know more about this zooming flashlight too.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

LOL. I don't know what got into me. Everything went like a snowball. Last year I've bought a C8 look alike that comes with battery and cheap charger. Was amazed by the output but the fascination shades away by RC heli hobby. RC heli really put a big hole in my pocket. Then I realize, I couldn't keep up with the crash cost. Quit about a year.

Now I'm into this. But it makes better sense since it's practical and useful. Just need more reason to find dark places or go camping..

Any takers on the Z6?

Quite pricey for a zoomie i must say.

I was intrigued by this one time ago.


I believe its because the TF Z6 comes with a TF flame battery and a 2 channel charger. Otherwise it could be cheaper.

The link you mentioned is nice but looks more like a Romisens though.

I've purchased it from Manafont couple of days ago. It is looking good and has nice specifications and I don't think it too overpriced. I'll share some pictures ASAP

Welcome to BLF abinaufal!

Don't worry, we are more like you in this forum that managed to do just fine without a flashlight for decades and now have tens of them

But every man and every woman is a star needs a couple of hobbies

I hope you have just as great a time here as I am having.

And good find on the Trustfire Z6. I really like the look of that one. Almost bought it on an impulse but I've promised myself not to buy any more flashlights this year. May cave in and buy a few headlights but that is different. That are not the same thing at all! LOL

I keep telling myself I am not an flashaholic. Just a flashlight user. Gee that sounds weak when I see it on the screen! LOL!

Anyhow, welcome and a (little late) Merry christmas to you and yours.

And looking forward to hearing more about that flashlight. I hope that your package gets through the christmas / new year turmoil of international shipping quite fast.

Being a "zoomie" guy myself I must repeat that is one nice looking light. Must resist. Must resist. How did it get in my basket???

Noo, I must resist...

Hi Wolchow.

Glad that you hit the button. I don't have the budget just yet as I need to make some space between my purchase. Please make a mini review of it. Thanks.

LOL..That is so true. There's always a hobby, one after another. Can't get enough of it... BTW, I was curious about the light in your avatar. Found out its a Sunwayman V10R. Looks bigger in your avatar. Wish it's the size of the Shadow JM07.. Then I can quit this hobby.. LOL.

Next year is just around the corner though. I had the same impulsive reaction but managed to hold it. Will wait for Wolchow to see how the Z6 fares. Happy New Year!

Hi all!

I bought Trustfire Z6 on Dealextreme $ 34.99, made little video test:

TrustFire Z6 on DX - SKU 112813

can not add a active link to the message - the button "Insert / Edit link" is not active, see link in the description of the video on youtube

shot with 9 floors and approximate distances:

to the wall in front of the house - 25m

to the last row of garages - 90m

to the tube - 50m


I’m very unimpressed with this torch. It puts out a reasonable amount of light on high (draws 2.2 amps at the tail), but the beam profile sucks. It just does. I hate it. It causes me displeasure. Look:

Zoomed about halfway:

No need to post an image of it completely focused, since it just paints a pretty picture of the LED like most other zoomies do. Only problem is that it loses more of it’s output than others I’ve seen when it does.

Further, this torch doesn’t like protected 18650s. They’re a little too long for it and as such it doesn’t turn on when you screw the tail cap on tight.

It has a quality finish though. The anodizing is almost flawless, and the bezel is SS. Threads are just OK.

So, in a nutshell, it’s yet another zoomie that I’m gonna need to work on before I’m satisfied with it.

I’m so glad I ran across this review to see that I’m not alone. Cainn is being polite. This light — to me — is just trash.

Weirdly, the light is really nicely made. Everything fits. Machining is great. Zoom is smooth.

But the light output and abberrations are just plain awful. And like cainn tries to explain, because it is hard to explain, the beam profile is just BIZARRE.

I have many zoomers. Some work okay; some not so okay. This one is in a class by itself. Absolutey NOTHING to recommend it. It’s almost nonfunctional.

It’s brightest zoomed out maybe halfway, but the emitter image (unlike other zooms) is not sharply in focus at that point. It’s just this really unpleasing, ugly unfocused light “blob.” If you continue the zoom, the classic sharp emitter image eventually appears but with this really weird UGLY bluish corona around the image. Somehow, a ton of the usable light is shunted to this crappy spill around the emitter that is somehow defracted and just messed up.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Trustfire just screwed up on the lens dimensions and ended up creating an utterly useless lens. I could not believe that it was supposed to be like this. I spent an hour taking it apart and putting it back together in various configurations: lens reversed, o-ring in front or in back or removed entirely. Quite frankly, the lens actually works better when it is backwards!

Just an awful piece of rubbish. Avoid it like the plague.