Newfound appreciation of a 4-led, no-reflector, convex lens light: the Amutorch AT40 (Nichia 219c X 4) Ti/Alu light

Hi guys,

Several months ago I got this Amutorch AT40 from Neal AT40 and just kept it together with my other lights.

Well, I ‘discovered’ it lately and would like to share with you that a light with no reflector but has a convex lens has its own special use and application, specially for foreground lighting of subjects to be photographed, or just for looking around something that will require you the move the light’s head to and fro to cover a larger area.

This Amutorch AT40 of mine has 4 x Nichia 219C leds mounted on DTP board, Ti body with aluminum head (for better heat dissipation), a sturdy stainless-steel clip, convex lens, all stock.

Factory specs:

Brand: Amutorch

Led: 4x Nichia 219C, 2x XPG3, 2 x XPL HI

the head is made of Aluminium for enhanced heat management
other body parts and bezel are Titanium
clip is stainless steel
LEDs are mounted on a DTP board
Driver has three modes
length: 100mm
max diameter: 28mm

And now, some photos and beamshot comparison to the BLF A6.
(Note the aluminum head between the Ti head and body, and a Convex lens)

———————————————————- beside the BLF A6:

Note the ‘burn-out’ of the BLF A6’s hotspot compared to the gloriously natural-tone, smooth, no-hot spot of the AT40:

BLF A6 (left) ——————————————- Amutorch AT40 (4 x Nichia 219C)

I have that AT40 mule with Nichia’s also, along with the 2 X XPL Hi. Love the nice wide, even beam.

Now ya went and did it. I use to have one and now I don’t. Now I want another one. It’s all your fault tatasal. The wife will be in contact with you shortly to complain about the next box in the mail. :smiley:

AT40 is not a mule, it’s aspheric. To be honest I don’t consider it to be well done, mainly due to large LED spacing.
And I don’t do photography but I love aspheric flooders simply because the flood is so smooth…
I find a hotspot distracting even with very floody lights like Emisar D4 with Nichia 219C. Though I only noticed that when on a walk I directly compared the Emisar with a better flooder - the latter let me see the path under my feet better.

It simply has all flood, no hotspot beam whatsoever, the way I like it when I want no ‘hotspot burn-out’ (common to all reflectored lights).

Yeah, it has nice wide, even beam.

It comes stock with a convex lens, removing it makes it a “mule” for an even wider yet even but less intense beam:

I noticed after using this for a while that there are times when I do appreciate a hotspot. Not always so, of course, like a true flashaholic you gotta have both types on hand :innocent:

Care to elaborate on when it’s so?

For example, I thought a flooder is what I want when looking in the mirror in my mouth (or up the nose :confounded: ) but I’ve found a small reflector light is better since there is less spill and I don’t blind myself. There are other occasions when I need to see ‘inside’ something but I thought the former makes a better story :smiley:

I see. My wife and me both had tooth extractions less than a month ago and she got some complications so looking into someone elses mouth is something I’ve done a few times recently. A small zoomie worked great for me but then I haven’t tried a reflector light. :slight_smile:

Looking into someone else’s mouth is much easier :laughing: A zoomie would probably be perfect but I think I only have one and it’s at the bottom of the draw somewhere…

I’m just EDCing a zoomie for the first time so I’m eager to do such experiments. :slight_smile:

Just tried: for my mouth wide flood of a zoomie was perfect but nose was harder; I was indeed blinding myself. Narrowing the beam down was perfect. :slight_smile:
Hey, I thought I would have no need for focused beam in cases other than the lack of range. :slight_smile:

Well I get to learn something new, for proper definition. I had always seen it referred to lights that lacked a reflector (elsewhere, of course). I did not realize that adding an aspheric lens would change that definition. Not a topic often discussed here, to understand the nuances.

If you like that kind of light pattern, Neal sent me a Mateminco X6S with 3 X XPL NW (Nichia available), that puts out a nice even flood with crisp edges.

Yup, mules have no type of focus or collimation at all, the way they use the lens in the AT40 is basically a zoomie at it’s widest setting.

Interesting, that’s not something frequently seen with TIR lenses. :slight_smile:
That’s not really my kind of light but nevertheless thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tatasal. I have be looking for a nice flooded for a bit. The torch will enhance my evening walks.

I like Amutorch for not doing the same as the rest and creating some refreshing designs, even though not everything is always thought out well. I can understand why this thread was created.

The design is why I bought the AT40, thick titanium with grey aluminium pill (hail to Amutorch for not doing the usual copper pill), fairly bombproof and an attractive appearance.

And it has the emitters stupid far apart so that even with its close shallow lens maximum beam artefacts are created, which is an achievement with this almost-mule! :weary:
And the stock 219C emitters had not a great tint and were just 74CRI

My mod to fix this was changing the leds to 5000K 90CRI LH351D leds and, using sandpaper, frosting the inside of the plastic lens. Result: smooth flood with zero artefacts, just a limited gradual tint shift, somewhat rosier in the middle. 95CRI and duv=–0.0040

Did you sand the inside of the OEM convex lens?

Yes, preserving the outside of the lens does make it still focus the beam somewhat so that it is not a total mule.