Nice 2012 New Year fireworks at Taipei 101 (Taiwan ROC)

2nd tallest after Burj Khalifa

Shorter in duration compared to the Burj Khalifa's 2012 fireworks (impressive as well), but the choice of colours and quality and the way it is let off is nicer. Really like the last part.

thanks for sharin!

It's beautiful.

Thanks 2100.

You can check out Hong Kong's IFC here (for reference)

In Shenzhen noone gave a crap and were waiting for the Chinese New Year (But the streets were (and are) massively congested because of the new year holiday). China the street-style fireworks during Chinese New Year are friggin massive. On the streets like Beijing, you can get 8-inch cells + motar tube for under 20 bucks US.

BTW, if any China vendors are reading this, can i ask if i spot a fireworks shop still selling fireworks on Feb 15th - 22nd 3+ weeks after CNY, can i buy it and light up right there in the middle of the street w/o getting arrested? (or can i light it up and RUN?)

I'm not a Chinese vendor, but I'd guess that you'd be arrested (and with good reason).

Guess only allowed in the smaller cities/towns esp suburbs. I have been in Taitung's suburbs (ROC), Nanjing, Wuxi and folks were shooting like on the roads/beside the river like nobody's biz and for quite a long duration. And nope, it was not Chinese New Year or any festitivies. Pretty big cakes too, definitely 1.3G.

The local folks don't know nothing when asked. I will be going to Beijing/Tianjing for leisure on Feb 15th.

This year CNY till early Feb i will be in Indonesia but there are very few 1.3Gs and besides they are very expensive (as much as 50% goes to the local authorities for coffee money and of course for clearing the mess after that). The funny thing is that they allowed fireworks on 1st Jan, the small town did not allow that last year. So if there is demand, there is supply as long as ka-ching $$$. Hoping for the best that we will get new stuff. LOL!

When i was in Shanghai, that financial centre building wasn't even completed. LOL! So i figured i must visit Beijing before it gets totally commercialised.

Ok so the official word is this :

(of course my visit would be after 15th day of CNY already)

Is it just me, or is there something really wrong (politically) in topic title ?

Don't think so, i was afraid that people would be confused bro as this forum is too international. Ok changed it, there is PRC and then there is ROC. I'm taking what is available on google.

Think Flashpilot originally thought my country was in China. hehe....

BTW, it just hit me that anybody in China, any Chinese Vendor, wouldn't be able to see my youtube vids of my HIDs/DRY etc.... mfm can't see my youtube embedded stuff here right? So if you post a youtube vid of your faulty flashlight to int-outdoors....

You're right... When I see China I always associate it with PRC. Considering the situation in my own country I tend to see political games everywhere

Yes, youtube is blocked in China.

In Taiwan most people would just use "Taiwan" as the country, not many people use "Republic of China" anymore, except for official statements or in addresses. HTC also shows Made in Taiwan. But quite a number of the stuff that i sell like shoes show Made in ROC. The leather shoe that i am wearing now is also ROC. heh... BTW are you a SGrean? A lot of the local stuff that i see here, even local brands like Americaya/Everbest take their stocks from Taiwan and then rebrand, the quality is generally quite high. Eg Solarforce/Dereelight in the budgetlight realm. Sealed