Nice but inexpensive vintage or retro light on ebay ...
If anyone is interested I just noticed a nice retro type light on eBay with a “Buy It Now” price of $12 and shipping is only $3 so you can have it for a total of $15.

It’s sold as “new old stock” and even comes with the original box. I now have two retro lights and another on the way (should arrive tomorrow) or I’d get this one myself.

The seller lists it as taking 2 C cells and that might be true although it looks like the one’s I have which take 2 D cells.

Anyway, I hope someone will get it who will enjoy it. If anyone here does get it I would suggest that you consider replacing the bulb (on any of these) with part#3166188 from ACE Hardware. It’s a Xenon bulb listed at 2.4V/.93A. It’s a little brighter than the standard 2 cell bulbs. Most don’t draw .93A.

mmm link please

Sorry about that. Link added to the OP.

I've been looking for an unused vintage light like this for a long time. OMG needless to say i'm so happy i'm having goose bump as i'm typing this. I remember seeing these at my grandfather house 20 years ago. $15 is a steal. I will go get the bulb as gcbryan recommended. Is there a way to make it REALLY bright without using led? I want to retain most of the look and function.

According to another thread on here (look for something about “Incand goodness” in Off-Topic) you could get a Pelican bulb and using two lithium ion batteries (D size) to get a very bright light.

You need a glass lens and a metal reflector (which these have) and a switch that can handle the current (I think these can) and either lithium-ion batteries of the proper size or an adapter for 6 AA batteries. Search here and at CPF for ROP conversion (Roar of the Pelican).

Actually, anything you can do with alternative batteries to get the voltage up will allow you to use brighter bulbs. There is probably a limit as to how bright you want these lights to be given the shallow reflector.

I love to see something like that go to someone who will appreciate it. It's a beautiful light. My red one has become a favorite user light. Enjoy it.

Ok, Who here bought it?


I've received the flashlight couple of days ago and absolutely in love with it. It indeed takes D cells not C like bryan said. I have some D cell adapter on order , can't wait to test it. I'm not sure if i want to do anything to it now as I don't even dare to touch the flawless finish of it... I'm handling it like i'm holding an egg in my hand :). The box it came with still in great condition. I still can't believe it actually is older than 50.

Very nice!

Again, great looking light. You have a pic of the tailcap stamping? I have the red one and someday would like to find the other three colors. Mine is branded ABC.