Nice video from Olight

A nice little video from Olight

All I see is this: which translates to “Parameter error”

Try this

Doing this via my phone and I have old eyes

I’ve updated the thread, hopefully it’ll work now

This is EPIC !
Nice promotional video :slight_smile:

Here it is on Youtube Olight Official Brand Video - YouTube

At 3:28 there’s very quick scene with Marshell from Goinggear. RIP buddy!

+1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Great loss for our community and the world. RIP Marshall, we are thinking of you and miss you.

The music really adds something, huh?

The footage is great, no doubt.

That was wild. :slight_smile:

Good video! I thought that was Marshal, I wonder if the young lady in the US segment is Yuki?


scrumpypaul, thanks post posting this. Very nice promo! :wink:

Yeah, the X7R is fed with the right fuel :smiling_imp:

I think I’m gonna head over to GG now and order a OLIGHT flashlight purchase just for the sake of it!!

Let’s buy more Olights from now on, and only from GG. Who’s in too??

Rip marshall

very cool video! I wish more manufacturers would have videos like this.
It was interesting to see the actual tests