Nichia 219C 5000k D320 70 CRI Emitter output test by Texas_Ace, higher Vf then 90CRI version but a lot better output

Here is another test and comparison for ya’ll.

You can see my 219C D250 90 CRI test here. Those LED’s came from the group buy that I was part of.

Today I am testing one of my 5000k D320 70CRI versions that I got from MTN as a comparison.

Same setup as all my other tests.

As you would expect the higher binned D320 version has a lot more output but interestingly it also has a noticeably higher Vf. This is not a bad thing really as the D260 version Vf is so low it pulls far too much current. I was getting upwards of 10A+ on a single cell! I now have to knock the duty cycle down on the lights that use the D260 to keep the current reasonable.

Overall this 5000k emitter is a very nice unit, great even color and tint with reasonable output as well. It is lacking in the reds naturally being a 70CRI emitter but it is one of the best 70 CRI emitters I have seen.

Basically just more interesting datapoints for people to look at.

Like usual click the image for larger version.

Nice results TA, it performs close to the best 3535 leds around, comparable to the 3rd gen. Oslon Square, a bit over the XP-G2 S4 2B, a bit under the XP-G3 S5 3bin. Also the voltages are close but this Nichia has the lowest of them all at 7A.

Yeah, it is a very nice emitter for sure, well worth the minor loss in output over other 70CRI options. I have had these for awhile but forgot about them in my parts box and never really used them. I put one in a AAA Tool and it is quite nice.

Although I think you misread the chart, the 90+ CRI 219C’s from the group buy is the emitter with the lower Vf, and indeed it is the lowest Vf I have seen.

Like I said I was getting over 10A when I first tried them, we are now entering the era of Vf’s getting too low for FET drivers. Driver tech is going to have to improve although I just don’t see how we will get a buck driver to fit into a 17mm footprint. The new 21700 cells will most likely use 21mm drivers, this may be the wave of the future.

There is a small chance that you could fit a reasonably high current buck driver onto a 21mm driver.

It should not be a problem to add a R015 to R050 in series to the LED on the MCPCB to limit current for low Vf emitters

Thanks Texas. Really nice to have these test results available.

I aint in a worry about the low Uf issue, they will start raising it as soon as they start raising the bins numbers , we have seen it before :slight_smile:

Nichia 219C 5000k D320 - i made several S2 mini with those and several tripple X6: great results, the beam profile is ways better than G3 and even V6 especialy in X6, the tint is very good too( bought from Richard)

Unfortunately they cant be dedomed:/ with a dome on even at 7 amps they give like 65k cds in a C8 host,

Some folks have been shaving 219cs with good success reported. I haven’t tried it myself so I can’t corroborate.

Why do you have to shave anything when a good S4( even “improoved” ones, there are good bins) will give you 1300 lumens and 140k candelas in the same C8?
The old ones….aaah, i have a C8 in my Hall of flashlight fame that is doing 200k cds

I shaved one of these by mistake actually and the beam profile is indeed a lot tighter. It is only a P60 drop in but it is noticeably tighter and more intense then my other P60’s with 219C’s.

Hmm, how was the tint after slicing? And how close of a shave?

I’ve been using a ton of 219C’s lately… for pretty much everything besides throwers. Such a nice even tint, efficient, and inexpensive ([cough] XP-L [cough]). Love ’em

I have been using 219C’s in everything that is not a lumen or throw monster as well.

I shaved it pretty close but nothing super precise. I damaged the dome when installing the reflector so I just cut it off to make the beam usable.

Tint wise it seems “whiter” after the shave but that could be from it simply being a more intense beam. There is no odd tint shift though that is for sure.

:+1: And thanks for the nice charts.

I’d love to see this D320 graph overlaid with a XP-L V6 graph. Only other 219C graphs & comparisons I recall seeing are djozz’s which used a lower binned 219C. I’d of course expect a higher output, but also higher vF. I just love seeing things laid out visually.

Wish granted:

That’s awesome TA! I’m surprised that the vF’s are so close at lower currents.

Cool, thanks :+1: