Nichia 519A

Can someone link a guide or discussion about CRI and RA? I’ve discovered today that 9080 isn’t the led name but the color rendering, now want to delve deeper :person_with_crown:

The 519A has slightly smaller die size and higher R9 compared to LH351D, so I would expect the output+peak current to be somewhat less. But I would welcome a nice surprise if future testing indicates otherwise!

Ordering a few. Will test for sure

Resistance was Futile…

Curious to know the max current these can take. Wondering if need to pair one with a 3A, 5A or 6A driver. Thanks for testing guys!

The 219B datasheet says :

Forward Current IF 1500 mA
Pulse Forward Current IFP 2000 mA

So this one must be a bit better, since it can handle more current. (since when did we stay within datasheet specs?)

My 90CRI 219C's have no issues with the 5A driver, unless efficiency is a concern. The 519A has around double the 219C die size and should have no issues with 5A. Unless there are some unexpected abnormalities like with the 219F, where the glass dome cracked at 4A.

I’m very keen to see the output of these, especially the lower CCTs. Do we know if anyone is planning on testing them?

Test Info

thanks for the test. Ordered some.

Will replace the LH351D Hi CRI in my OG Armytek Wizard (the first Version) :slight_smile:

Just ordered 3 of them to replace the 4500K 219Bs that I got from KD: Kaidomain has 219B 4500K 92cri in stock

Although the KD 219B 4500Ks are good, I’m not that impressed whenever I use the flashlight compared to my other 4500K flashlights. I guess I need a little rosiness in my tint. And I should’ve know better since the KD LEDs have a D240 flux bin which is pretty high. Good for lumens, but not good for tint.

I’m very interested in this emitter, hoping to hear more soon on it!

Nichia says Hard Glas and Silicone Resin for Phosphor sheet material. Is that common?
I wonder how they will behave at high current.

Sold out. Bummer.

It’s just because the store is close for CNY, they’re not actually sold out

Phew. Thanks :).

By the way we have a group shipping with Clemence/Eurekatronix going on to save on shipping fees, we need to reach 100pcs per CCT for him to make the order, all CCTs available in 9080 3 step, price is 1.64$ per LED. EU, US and CA groups.

Note that the one from Convoy is sm455 (5 step), and more expensive.

If anybody is interested you can send him an email (it’s on his store front page)


Not interested yet, I have a few on order from Simon, will check them out first. I will not likely do a full-blown led-test btw.