Nichia 519A

“Thermal resistance” is how much heat the LED chip itself can “resist”. That means it will likely endure higher currents and there is less worry of frying it compared to the 219C, 219B, etc. It’s not a rating of heat produced by the LED.

Download the pdf spec sheet from the download section of the posted datasheet link for CRI and color temp and other specs…… or click here

That could be, I just know the result is is how much you have to worry about temp at the emitter and/or junction. If the actual transfer of the heat is what is improved that wouldn’t lead to longer turbo times though, since the temp sensors in every light aren’t located right next to the emitter itself and transferring it into the board and head of the light slightly faster isn’t going to change that fact that you’re creating a TON of thermal energy very quickly.

Like 9080min which means a minimum CRI 90 with minimum R9 80, this means minimum CRI 80 with minimum R9 0. Note that CRI can get below 0, so “minimum 0” is actually some (though very weak) upgrade over regular CRI80min spscs.

r9 min 00 means usually r9~20-30. is cri min 80 means cri~85 it is way better that leds without cri rating, as old xml2 wich is still widely used.(cri 65-75 and r9~–30)

Not sure this does anything for me at 80CRI given how close performance is to LH351D 90CRI. 450ish lumens at 1A for this compared to 400ish for LH351D, lower rated max, other specs comparable. Probably a pass unless tint is really nice.

Nichia, for me, has been hit or miss on tints. Good uniformity, but my 5000K 90CRI 219Cs were the greenest LED I’ve dealt with.
Will be interesting to see how this does above spec. I’m more excited about the Lumileds Luxeon HL2X

Looks like Eurekatronix is going to carry these:

I found that LED in Convoy store in stock
Any additional info compared to another 3535 leds?
I found interesting info over reddit

thanks for the link…

my understanding, from reading only:
the 519 LED is larger than 219b, and not as pink as sw45k

519 has a larger hotspot and makes more total lumens than 219b… similar to xp-l and LH351d, but with higher R9 CRI and more rosy tint

Can someone link a guide or discussion about CRI and RA? I’ve discovered today that 9080 isn’t the led name but the color rendering, now want to delve deeper :person_with_crown:

The 519A has slightly smaller die size and higher R9 compared to LH351D, so I would expect the output+peak current to be somewhat less. But I would welcome a nice surprise if future testing indicates otherwise!

Ordering a few. Will test for sure

Resistance was Futile…

Curious to know the max current these can take. Wondering if need to pair one with a 3A, 5A or 6A driver. Thanks for testing guys!

The 219B datasheet says :

Forward Current IF 1500 mA
Pulse Forward Current IFP 2000 mA

So this one must be a bit better, since it can handle more current. (since when did we stay within datasheet specs?)

My 90CRI 219C's have no issues with the 5A driver, unless efficiency is a concern. The 519A has around double the 219C die size and should have no issues with 5A. Unless there are some unexpected abnormalities like with the 219F, where the glass dome cracked at 4A.

I’m very keen to see the output of these, especially the lower CCTs. Do we know if anyone is planning on testing them?

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