Nichia NVSL219BT P60 Impressions

I received my new Nichia P60 along with an AR lens yesterday from Richard at MtElectronics. (Specs: 4-level NVSL219BT SW45 tint D220 bin 4500K/92CRI). And today my Solarforce L2P/S10 host arrived from Hong Kong. Swapped out the lens and installed the P60. Next was to compare the beam with my L2N fitted with a 3-level LC-XM-L T6 P60 and AR lens. Max output is indistinguishable with the XML approaching 450 and the newer 219B near 500 lumens. For my usage these levels are more than enough. As an aside I have a near decade old Tigerlight FBOP fitted with aftermarket reflector and bulb (TL11 Carley RF1940-OP/WA01111 LA) that puts out a great throwing 500 Lumen beam. I’ve lit up houses several football fields distant with ease with it :slight_smile:

But the issue here isn’t output but tint. The only other high color rendering index (CRI) light I have is a 219A equipped L3 Illumination L10. I really liked its tint and the way colors appeared so natural compared to my other L10 with a XP-G2 R5. Frankly my experience with it is what prompted me to choose a 219B for my newest P60 acquisition.

I am not disappointed! The beam of the 219B equipped L2P really brings out the difference compared along side the L2N’s neutral white XML. Sorry I don’t have beam shots but there certainly is enough to be found elsewhere on the web to illustrate just what the Nichias provide.

Bottomline is that if you’re looking for your torch to show vibrant natural colors, consider a 219B. And if its a P60 Nichia you want, you can’t go wrong with MtElectronics :slight_smile:

Thanks for your thoughts. I have always been a favourite of CW and never really experimented with the High CRI LEDs. When buying a new P60 dropin on IOS recently I opted for higher lumens and selected a XPL V6. Maybe next one I go for will be a Nichia as many reports such as your suggest it’s an excellent led.

Tint is always important. You see tint at any output and any distance. Max lumens most people will not be able to tell by eye. The Nichia is great, I have many. But some of the higher CRI Neutral White Cree’s are quite nice too.


The IOS and MtElectronics P60s appear to be identical.

This gif I found serves well in illustrating the beautiful natural color rendition the Nichia provides :slight_smile: