Night Provision TX8 - mini-vid review and GAW! (NOW CLOSED - 1 BLF Winner)


Howdy BLF members,

Night Provision has kindly sponsored two of their TX8's for a GAW. I've added instructions at the end of my mini-review but am posting it here as well:

  1. Per sponsor, must be resident of CONUS to participate
  2. Post (only once - multiple posts will be discarded) your interest in joining on this thread
  3. Giveaway closes end of Oct 21, 2019 EST and 2 winners will be drawn and announced thereafter

For those who'd rather purchase the light now, you can do so here (I do not make any referrals):


Disclosure: TX8 kit provided by Night Provision for review.

Great Reviews I’m interested in the Light …

Nice review. One of the first flashlight reviews I saw when getting into lights was yours on the Manker MK41. That started me down this path. Never did get that light though LOL. Count me in for the GAW.

Definitely interested.

Thanks for the giveaway, turboBB & Night Provision!

I'm in.

thank you, i’m in

Thorough overview. Count me in.

Nice light. I’m in please.

Count me in.

Dunno about using a G3 in there, but otherwise looks like a nice little light! Count me in, tnx!

219? Woohoo!

Thx for chiming in, I believe initial batches were utilizing XP-G3 but they have since switched to Nichia 219D (which IMO has a nicer more neutral tint). Let me confirm with them.

I watched a few videos a month ago and clearly recognized this as nearly identical to a Folomov 18650S. So I bought a few and they likely are made by Folomov. The 18650s and the TX8 both showed up on within a week of each other back in September 2018. The Tx8 has different knurling a reversible clip and apparently a different LED otherwise all dimensions are identical. It does have the square cut threads that the 5000k 18650s has (not the same as the first 3000k black 18650s). Some pictures of the TX 8 box do show the nichia 219d but I kind of doubt that any of them actually got it. The four boxes and instructions that I got all reference the Cree XP-G3 S4 and 5000K. The TX8 does have one difference in the UI in that you go from low through high and start over again at low rather than going back down from high through all levels to low as the 18650s does. Otherwise the UI is identical. They both have the flaw of sharp edges on the lanyard holes. It looks like the TX8 is only being sold in the USA at this time. The TX8 has one extra fin in the heat sink area and does run slightly cooler, I’m guessing mostly due to the different LED. The compact size at 4 inches,low cost, complete package, cooler running, and probably near 800 lumens on Turbo make this a reasonable flashlight to give away to many people not on flashlight forums. So it’s not a bad light and it is something that I will recommend to people and I might even carry on occasion.

I’m in and thank you for the opportunity

Cool review! Thank you!

Thanks for the review & thanks to Night Provision! In for the GAW, please.


Looks like a nice little light, thanks for the review and opportunity at a giveaway.

I’m interested and thanks for the chance at a giveaway.

Nice looking light and very nice review turboBB. Especially like the UI. Not sure "Rechargeable" should be in the Amazon title as it seems the battery has to be removed to be recharged. Very tempted to buy one anyway. Thanks again for the review and giveaway opportunity.

I’m in, thank you!

I’m in! Thank you!