night time video making?

I am wondering if there is a secret to making a camcorder show the flashlight beam at nite over 30 or 40 yards?…special settings or expensive camcorder or what?…I have seen a lot of videos that show the light beam perfectly, but I have tried every setting I can on my camcorder and cant get it to show over maybe 40 yards or so and then it picks up nothing but black nite. it will show street lights or the beam shining at you from 1/2 mile or more, but not from behind and what I am shining on unless it is a bright colored object and big. I am using a Samsung HMX-F90………anyone know what I may need to do ?

Film on a slightly foggy night? Or use a smoke machine?

Make sure not to have any close lit up objects in frame. Avoiding wide angle shots helps. Nearby objects that are lit up will be so much brighter than more distant objects that the distant objects will look black.

Your camera also has a function to make shutter speed slower: C.nite - check your manual. This can be useful for filming in th dark.

maybe I worded that wrong………I want to film say 100 yards away what the light is lighting up…say a tree at 100 yds….but even though it is lit up bright as day I cant get it to show in the video……have an open field and absolutely nothing between me and trees but then past 40 yards or so my light disappears and seems to light up nothing in video even though I see it plain as day
I can also take a picture and it shows up good but I use a slow shutter speed on that

bump up ISO.

Perhaps it simply is too dark? Your eyes are amazing when it comes to adapting to different light levels. Much better than a camera.

When you film distant objects and zoom in you significantly reduce the amount of light received. It might be better to move closer to the object you are filming, so you don't need to zoom in that much. The light can remain stationary.

Or get a better flashlight...

actually the flashlight does good…here are some beam shots in a slide show……just puzzles me why the camcorder wont pick these up when the camera does…….35 feet flood 35 feet focused, then 100 yds, 125 yds, and 200 yds focused……

a better camcorder is required.
I personally find all samsung cameras are terrible and ugly except their phone cameras.

Owned a few compact and camcorders… they all sucked at what they do.

Deos It have manual exposure controls? If not, yore stuck with the exposure cosen by the camcorder

As I said before, make sure not to have any nearby objects lit up. Like the ground on the video clip. Make sure you either block the light that spill on the ground just in front of the camera, or move the camera away from the flashlight so you don't have the spill setting the exposure.

gonna give it another go tonight with a different camera and see what I can get…….thanks for tips all

turns out it WAS the camera….returning it and going with another camera all together,thanks again for tips and advice all