Nightwatch NI40 with Osram S2WP - now arrived- coupon: NDF (8% off)

Neal sent me photos ( and also an incoming light ) of his newest Nightwatch NI40 but with a new OSRAM led, the S2WP.
The current page in Neal’s site of the NI40: Nigthwatch NI40 (the S2WP not yet included )

Compare its KCD to the other leds, not bad throw and lumen output combination at all!

————————————————————————- the NI40 in between the NA40 (top) and the long throw Flat-White-equipped IRA-lite series.

The Osram LED on the picture is not a white LED, maybe a blue or a green one (there is no yellow phosphor on it).

the phosphor is yellow, this is clearly seen on the reflector op

True, then the lighting of the pic must be very weird (or it's a photoshopped pic).

Anybody have more info on this new emitter? From that pic I would make a hot take that it’s basically 4 white flats on a single chip much like an XHP.

If those output/throw numbers are accurate there could be some CANNONS made with it. Wonder what kind of numbers it would get in an L2…

It’s quad q8wp, one generation behind white flat.

3V as well I’m guessing? I’d like to see what it can do in a 26650 tube-style light like the S11, would have a pretty useful beam profile and some serious output it seems.

That super cold color temp is a bummer though.

If I remember correctly, all dies are driven separatrly so you can configure it to go from 3v to 12v.

What going on with the xhp50.2 beam profile?? Forgot to remove the blue filter??? :neutral_face: funny eh?

I really love how Nightwatch offers the best leds around. Dedomed sst-40. Sliced and diced xhp50.2. S2wp. White Flat. Nearly all the best choices out there.
At the same time I really really miss good e-swich ui…….and I so dislike the bulk added by tail clicky…

More thoughts:

  • S2WP is rated for 65W. It should have much more potential.
  • I’m no longer sure whether it’s based on 2 mm² White Flat or Q8WP

Anyone have a datasheet on the S2WP. I just got Nightwatch sample from Neal with it, but can’t find anything about it. Love the consistency of the tint though. No rainbows here.

Found it:

Around 6000lm at 20A in 4P configuration.

But why do we need it? The SBT-90 Gen2 has a single die of basically the same size (=> no donut hole) and is really not too expensive for what it does. The luminance should also be similar. I guess a 2S2P or even 4S configuration of the Osram LED might make sense in some applications, the drivers are smaller and cheaper this way.

Received two Nightwatch NI40 Stalker 2019, one has Osram S2WP led and the other a Cree XHP50.2 blue led from

————————————————————————————note: the XHP50.2 is a ‘blue’ led

Additional pictures to follow as the current weather is not cooperative and some time constraints.

Why this XHP50.2 DD look so odd? It looks difrent than all the de-domed XHP50.2s I’ve seen so far.

It looks like they removed all the phosphor… :open_mouth:

:neutral_face: Hmmmm…. on purpose? Does it have anything in common with the blue light signed: XHP50.2?

Oh, sorry, I forgot.

That XHP50.2 in the NI40 is indeed blue light.

Oh yeah, that must be it.
Only now I noticed that they list the lights on the website alredy….
Any chance for a discount? :wink: