Nitecore EA4 beamshots

Ok, this will be my first time at doing beam shots. Hopefully I do this right. Enjoy.

Close one, nice spill. Tree is about 55m

This one is more of a distant shot.

Two blocks on the hill are about 85m and the tree line in back is close to 200m

Here is a couple more pictures. Some one asked about a holster. Here it is!

Here is another with a lower shutter speed.

This is of the SC600 for a comparison.

Here is one of Jetbeam PA40

Thanks for doing this, but the photos are broken on my end.

I put add image and added the picture threw photobucket and they are not showing up on my end either. I have been trying to figure out what I did wrong. Sorry!

Can anyone help me on this one? I used the insert image link then copied the link from photobucket and nothing shows up.

You must copy and paste the direct link from the picture into the little green tree box after you have opened it. Good luck.

I changed photo bucket to classic style and did everything the same and it worked. Why are they so blurry? They are HD clear on my photo bucket account?

They have been reduced in size to 160 x 120 pixels. I don't know why. I do all my editing in Microsoft Office picture viewer before I upload to Photo Bucket. You can crop and I reduce the picture size to the document setting so the picture is not very large to upload. My internet connection at times is very slow.

Well now they are clear, but why so little. ARRRRR

Now they are blurry again, I am about done with this. Sorry all!

Finally I think I got them right.

Now you got it. looks good!

Thanks, kinda frustrating! I have a great backyard for beam shots, I will have to try more.

Just went and ordered one because of your beamshots. haha

wow… that’s prety bright light for something that use 4 AA batteries
how much was the flashlight cost?

Great beam shots flashlight man. Thanks for posting them so quick as many members are anticipating the delivery of their EA4.
I’m assuming you didn’t opt for the neutral. By the look of your beam shots its already surpassed my hopes.

Still struggling to pull the trigger!

Just squeeze gently.

Got mine for $60. Ordered Wednesday and got it this morning. Cool white version. I have the Darth and TN30 in neutral white, thought I would mix it up a bit.

Ok, where can I buy this?

I hate you guys. I should stay away from this forum, seriously :slight_smile:

This is were I got mine. Fast shipping and great service. I have to find the discount code I used 13% off. Save a few bucks :wink:

I got mine from Intl-Outdoor for $67.00 CDN with free shipping. I wanted a neutral and couldn’t wait.
Doing Outdoor has the cool white for around the same price and shipping. He also has a “make an offer” button. Kokopelli made an offer of $60 and it was accepted, which seems about right for that seller.
I use both of these sellers, and both are reliable.

I had an order with Battery Junction, but they were not expecting them until the 14th. Patience for a new flashlight is something I do not have :wink: . So I cancelled and got this one instead. Cheaper also!