NiteCore EA4 @fasttech $46.60

$49.05 - BLF coupon = $46.60

Great light for a great price!

Nice find! Great little light!

bought mine a few hours ago on that deal. hope their shipping is as good as everyone says

They were super fast on my two battery orders and that was during the holiday season. Good luck!

Ordered my EC25 on the 9th, got it today :slight_smile: Super fast!

Well, resisted far too long, this deal finally did me in

What’s the coupon?


Another “catch and release”?..… :bigsmile: Good choice. I’m still resisting but weakening.

I must stay strong. No money, but do have batteries.

you cannot resist the force

darn i might have to give in to a EA4 very soon, 46 bucks is a a very tempting price

You cant fight the habit. Moderation. Look at this way..It wasnt an Sr95 special edition. So you saved money

Temporarily sold out

What a shame. With any luck they will be discontinued. Yes I won. Yay.

agreed. i will leave it NIB until all sources dry up :crown:
knew i had to hop on this one, or would have ended like a few other deals

Someone posted the other day that NiteCore sent them a email saying a EA8 is coming soon.

This isn’t bad either.

i think lumatic bought um all up :wink:

This isn’t bad either.

Yes I like the HD-2010 as well. I have two. One stock and the other running 2 x 26650's at a stupid amount of amperage.